We recently fitted some black-out blinds to the kitchen windows, because, I expect, our neighbours are less than delighted with the view.

The blinds are pretty subtle, but I felt the windows needed a little brightening up, as they are white frames in a white wall and overall the kitchen was just looking rather bland.

I was tempted by the idea of a set of fancy valances, all triple pleats and header tape, but I knew I’’d frustrate myself trying to make that happen and that I’’d have to take the plunge on a fabric choice, which for some reason I’’m struggling to decide on.

So I’ve opted for a simple, no-sew solution that can be changed on a whim should we want to experiment with different fabrics.


HERE'S what you'll need...

  • A simple curtain pole
  • Brackets
  • A set of curtain rings with clips on them. You could also go for an ultra-subtle look by using those curtain wire with clips systems. All of these can be bought from Ikea, but they’’re readily available in most of the big DIY shops
  • Whatever fabric you want to use – it could be anything from leftover pieces from other projects, to colourful scarves or bunting

Window Valance Materials

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here's how it's done...

Simply clip the fabric to the curtain rings and you’’re done!

Here are a few ideas that we tried out:

Colourful Bunting…


A bright scarf……


An artfully draped panel curtain for a classical feel……


Leftover fabric from a previous project…


You could also use this method to make cafe curtains by hanging the pole half-way down the window.

Anything goes when it comes to what you make these valances from – why not try sack cloth or, if you have kids, a selection of their pictures as a variation on sticking them to the fridge? Any other ideas? Let us know in the comments.



By Alex Outhwaite on 28.08.14

Guest Contributor

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