The third Monday in January has been named Blue Monday due to a combination of post-Christmas stress, those cold and dark nights spent indoors and us basically being extremely short on money. If you feel down in the dumps this month, try these little tricks to cheer yourself up. They’re tried and tested, especially those baby animal videos.


Watch cute videos of  baby animals

Video source: MashUpZone

Bake a cake

Go for a walk

Have a nap

Make yourself a cup of tea

Listen to upbeat music


Sing at the top of your lungs.


Call a friend


Watch your favourite TV show or movie


Put on music really loud and dance


Take a hot bath or shower


Read a book in a quiet room




Get crafty!


Watch stand up comedy on Netflix!

Do something nice for someone else.


Get dolled up for no reason and take selfies!


Practice positive self talk.


Go to the gym

And remember…



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Things to do when you're feeling less than great...
Article Name
Things to do when you're feeling less than great...
Suffered from a case of the January blues? Check out our favourite uplifting things to do when you're not feeling great!

By Karishma Patel on 03.01.18

Guest Contributor

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