Many of us are becoming more conscious about how we can live our lives and flying off to sunny beaches is not always easy to justify. Personally, I feel there is a grey area when it comes to travel and doing the ‘right’ thing. After all, lots of economies are completely supported by tourism and there are endless benefits to travelling with your children and immersing yourselves in a different culture. Now that my children are both over the age of two we need to buy them an adult-sized seat on a plane despite the fact they will spend most of the journey sitting on laps.

Yes, life is expensive and just because a holiday overseas is not on the cards every year you can still have a vacation, a staycation. Staycation is one of those words that fast become a part of our vernacular but when you start to think about simply spending your holiday in your own home, it is easy to feel cheated but you will find that following my tips and breaking your routine will leave planning further staycations that will keep you and the children happy.



By Nicolette Lafonseca on 21.08.20

Guest Contributor

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