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We’ve put together the perfect starter kit for all the students starting a degree in the maths department at university this year. We also sit down with our Marketing Analyst, Minhaz, as he talks us through his best tips and tricks to schooling your degree.

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    Microsoft Surface Go 2-in-1 Laptop 

    A laptop and a tablet in one, the Microsoft Surface Go is built for convenience. With its 9 hour battery life and detachable keyboard, you get the power of a Windows laptop in a sleek 0.6kg device.


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    Just because your subject is complex doesn’t mean you need to duplicate that with your tech. Save on stacks of textbooks by having them all downloaded in one space – this will also help to keep your surroundings tidy so you can fully focus!


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    Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop

    Accuracy is key! This wireless keyboard and mouse is the perfect accessory for your monitor as there are no messy cables so you can work in the comfort of your home.


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    Microsoft Office Student

    The Microsoft Office Student bundle is perfect for anyone starting university, regardless of the degree. The majority of coursework will be accepted in the form of a Word document, so this is a great essential for any student.

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    No matter the subject, it’s important to keep your tech safe and secure from viruses. The last thing you want is a security threat when you least expect it.

Meet Minhaz, Marketing Analyst for AO

Hi, my name is Minhaz and currently work as a Marketing Analyst within the Commercial department at AO. I studied Mathematics at the Manchester Metropolitan University where I thoroughly enjoyed the course and my time at university.


I was a ‘first generation’ student (which simply means the first to go to university in my family) and can say it’s the best thing I have done – the course enabled me to pursue my interests in numbers and has provided the foundations to my analytics career to date.

I was a ‘first generation’ student (which simply means the first to go to university in my family) and can say it’s the best thing I have done.

Minhaz's Tips...

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    There are many opportunities at university to understand exactly what areas you are strong in or could purse as a career after university especially when studying Mathematics, therefore choosing the correct modules are vital!

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    It is easy to become distracted when at University and finding the balance between studies and out of study life is key to being successful in your degree.

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    Mathematics is a broad field and you simply cannot stop learning, further reading outside of lectures is just as important as being in the lectures themselves.

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By Becca Monaghan on 25.07.15

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