We’ve put together the perfect starter kit for all the performing arts students starting university this year. We also sit down with freelance presenter, Helen, as she talks us through her best tips and tricks to schooling your degree.

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Here's what you need...

  • 1

    Apple MacBook Air 

    Stylish, powerful and lightweight. The Macbook Air is perfect for any performing arts students as it won’t weigh your bag down between classes and auditions!


  • 2

    Wireless Speaker

    A wireless speaker is a perfect addition for any student, especially for those with music and dance modules. Whether you’re in the studio or at home, a wireless speaker will let you rehearse on the go!

  • 3

    External Hard Drive 

    Videos are going to take up a large amount of storage so rather than slowing down your laptop, store all your improvisations in one compact device.

  • 4


    When you’ve seen the size of theatre scripts, you may consider getting a Kindle! It will not only store all your books in the same space, but it also allows you to look through your lines during the commute.

  • 5


    Whether you’re watching a performance back or simply want to tune out between classes, a decent pair of headphone will do just the job!

Meet Helen, Freelance Presenter

My name is Helen Longman and I’m a freelance presenter. I’ve worked for companies such as , Studio, Oxyfire media and I currently work for ( a twice-daily draw, broadcasting to betting shops around the UK and Ireland.)


I studied performing arts at Salford University and graduated with a 2:1 BA HONS degree in 2007. My favourite modules were the ones in radio and presenting. These modules made me realise that presenting was the profession I wanted to pursue after university.


‘Actors and Performers Yearbook 2019’ by Lloyd Trott – I found this book really practical and recommend purchasing it if you’re taking a degree in the area of performance.

Helen's Tips...

  • 1

    The freelance world can be tricky after university, as you’re not sure where you are one month to the next!! That’s also the exciting part!

  • 2

    Rejection is part of the process of being an actor or presenter. So build up a thick skin, because the rejection will come but then the great jobs will come too!

  • 3

    Start building contacts as you’ll eventually need an agent to represent you

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By Becca Monaghan on 25.07.15

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