I don’’t know about you, but I do like a bit of eBay shopping. Every once in a while I even manage to find a gem. Not very often, but then I’’m quite selective which is partly down to space restrictions and partly down to taste restrictions. A few weeks back I struck gold. Well, gold in the sense that a) it was exactly my taste, b) I had the space for it and c) it was well within budget. I found two vintage stools made from the loveliest, worn and warm wood. Perfect for… well, I’’ll tell you at the end of this post!

This purchase got me thinking. Stools are nowadays so often overlooked as actual pieces of furniture which is a shame. They are small, versatile and are great for offering some extra seating when guests are around but can be stashed away when space is tight. But what else can they be used for? Well, as far as I’’m concerned, there are many uses for a pretty vintage stool. So, I thought I’’d share some of my ideas here.



So, I hope you like these ideas and they might inspire you to add a stool or two to your home. As I said right at the beginning, it’’s a great and very versatile piece to have in your home, don’’t you think?


By Carole Poirot on 03.09.14

Guest Contributor

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