With the days getting lighter (well, slowly getting lighter anyway), it might be time to think about some updates in our homes. Maybe the bathroom isn’t the first room that would come to mind, but it certainly is of no less importance than all the other rooms. Just think about how much time you spend there getting ready for the day, having a long and relaxing bath and generally looking after yourself. Luckily, most of us will have been spared the horrors of avocado or pink coloured sinks, so updates are relatively easy to do. White is an easy colour to use as a backdrop and any coloured accessories will have the wow factor when used throughout.

Spring Bathroom Styling Post 1

A great colour to use in bathrooms is teal, a blue with green undertones. It makes sense, as it adds freshness and is very close to the colours we associate with the ocean. If you feel like going a step further and actually look to repaint your bathroom, may I suggest a very pale grey? Overloading the room with one colour (teal in this case) would take away from the great effect the pieces have when used solely as accessories.

Spring Bathroom Styling Feature

When it comes to those accessories, start with the basics like towels. I’m not advocating throwing out all your towels now, but if you were thinking about changing them anyway, now is a good time. Maybe think of something like Foutas or Hammam towels instead of the usual ones. These look beautiful, are made from 100% cotton and take less space when it comes to storing them.

Spring Bathroom Styling Post 2

Get crafty! Reuse old jam jars for cotton buds and paint the lids in a matching colour. Even a tin can be painted and used for storage. This will give the whole bathroom an overall more lighthearted and slightly bohemian feel. Find some small (unvarnished) baskets which can easily be painted. These will give you a little more storage which not only looks good but is also – as always – very handy. It is best to use baskets which have a fitted cotton lining in them, as these linings can be taken out and washed when needed.

Spring Bathroom Styling Post 6

Think outside the box – or the soap dish in this case. Why not use a pretty dish or bowl instead of a standard soap dish?

Spring Bathroom Styling Post 5

If you find an item in a colour that perfectly matches your scheme, get it and think about what you might want to do with it later. Believe me, it’s much easier this way around than to try and hunt down an actual soap dish in exactly the right colour.

Spring Bathroom Styling Post 7

Trays for cosmetics. You might have noticed the tray I’ve used here. Well, again, it wasn’t originally intended to be used in a bathroom, it had three little matching plant pots sitting inside it. But – again – the colour! It’s perfect! And when something fits in so nicely, it would be a shame not to use it, right?

Spring Bathroom Styling Post 3

So, if you want to give your bathroom a Spring update, the main points are fresh colours, a little craftiness and some creativity.

Spring Bathroom Styling Post 4

It will brighten up your mornings and might just make getting out of bed a little easier…


By Carole Poirot on 20.02.14

Guest Contributor

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