You thought I was going to say bedroom, didn’t you ;-) Sorry to disappoint anyone hoping for some action under the sheets but we’re talking about something almost as exciting in this post, updating the humble bathroom! While traditional white is the go-to colour for this particular room, this is one of the few areas in the house you can go wild with design and take some risks. Its small size makes it ideal for trialing ideas you might not have the courage to attempt on a large scale elsewhere in the home.

Statement tiles

Tiles are a staple part of most bathrooms but you don’t have to be confined by the bland white versions of the past. Instead, make a statement with bold colours and styles. A quick scan of the web  and Pinterest shows that the two most popular tile designs at the moment are mosaic and subway. Delicate and versatile,  mosaic tiles are fantastic for those wanting to create a statement design, or as in the example above writing instructions on how to bathe!

I’ve recently been introduced to subway tiles by major groupie Kimberly and although wary of them at first I’ve definitely been converted to their industrial and urban look. White subway tiles are popular in bathrooms these days but I love the feature wall made out of black ones above. If you don’t have the budget or ability to re-tile your entire bathroom, you can still add a flourish with a few artfully placed tiles in a recess or in a feature above a sink.

Ambient wallpaper

Whenever anyone mentions wallpaper in the bathroom my first impression is, ugh! Images of peeling corners and mould colonies abound in my mind. It just seems too high maintenance. However, while researching this post I became a big fan, despite reading the odd cautionary tale. These days, many wallpaper companies have created specially designed wallpaper for bathrooms and kitchens, splash proof and water resistant. You can get away with using normal wallpaper although the likelihood of it peeling is high. Whichever product you use, it’s always best to add a layer or two of acrylic paint for added protection.

The effect of wallpaper in the bathroom is truly stunning however and as they’re usually the smallest room in the house it’s a lot more reasonable to wallpaper the entire room. It seems the trend for wallpaper in the bathroom is usually bold and ornate, featuring designs that you might shy away from on a large scale but that fit well in a smaller area.

Bold black

In recent years bathrooms have done a complete 180 when it comes to the traditional white fittings. Suddenly everyone’s into black, in a big way! The trend for black seems to be go big or go home with bathrooms containing a predominance of dark fittings with only the odd touch of white or colour. I personally love the opulence of this look but not sure if I could live with it long term.  It certainly ups the glamour stakes in your home though and I know a few people  just dying to include black lacquer paint in the bathroom (Kimberly!)

Although it’s one of the most often used rooms in the home it can also be one of the most neglected so why not get experimental and inject a bit of style and glamour into your old bathroom. At the very least you’ll have something to admire while you’re enjoying a couples shower session (there you go, I did include some action!)

Which is your favourite look? Have you got any plans to experiment in the bathroom?

Statement tiles: 1/2/3/4 ; Ambient wallpaper: 1/2/3/4 ; Bold black: 1/2/3/4



By Amy Marsden on 10.04.13

Guest Contributor

2 responses to “Design inspiration: Experimenting in the…Bathroom”

  1. Cheryl Gauden says:

    where can i get the branch and birds from please its fab

  2. Sarah Murray says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for your comment, it’s gorgeous isn’t it! The wallpaper is from Cavern Home and you’ll find the design here:

    Let us know if you decide to use it :-)

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