If you haven’t heard of it (or even if you have…) then firstly lets address the issue of ‘how on earth do you pronounce it?’. Hygge is said ‘hoo-ga’.

So now you know how to say it, what is it? Well, hygge is the ancient art of being cosy at home. Think thick furry throws, flickering candle light, sipping on hot chocolate and spending time with loved ones.

Now I hear you saying ‘well I do that all the time anyway’, but hygge is more than that. It’s about mental health as much as it is physical and with the people of Scandinavian countries coming out as the happiest in the entire world, maybe we have a lot to learn.

Hygge is a feeling. It’s about finding the good in the little things and embracing these to find pure contentment. For some it may be establishing a meaningful and mindful connection within your home environment, with your friends/family and essentially the world around you.

Cosy living room setup on the Hygge trend

So how exactly do you achieve the hygge concept?

Well, lets discuss the interior side of things which is a massively important aspect. Hygge’s closest translation is ‘cosy’ and so thats the look that you want to aim for. Think a comfy sofa or armchair, large plump cushions and thick luxurious throws. Firelight is to be embraced so if you’re blessed with a log burner then you’re already half way there. However, for those of us who aren’t, lighting a few scented candles will do the job of creating that soft orange glow.

With all Scandinavian interiors, less is more so declutter your interior to relax your mind. Also remember to bring the outdoors in with exposed brick walls, natural or whitewashed wooden furniture, neutral/calming decor and so on.

How to implement the Hygge trend into your home with candles and flowers

A Hygge bathroom setup with freestanding bath and candles

Now on to the other side which involves the importance of spending quality time with loved ones (think sitting around with hearty food on the table whilst laughing, joking and sharing stories). Indulge in things that you love, whether that’s a glass of wine or a square (or the entire bar…we won’t tell if you don’t) of chocolate. Get outdoors and brace the cold weather to really appreciate the warmth of indoors. Finally, make life as simple as possible by not ‘sweating the small stuff’ so if you have guests round, cook food which is relatively easy to prepare and won’t take all of your time slaving away in the kitchen rather than socialising. Think maximum taste, minimum fuss.

living room with ambient lighting, candles and flowers to add a Hygge touch to a home

A cup of tea, cosy blanket and a book creating all of the Hygge vibes


How are you embracing Hygge this January?


How to Incorporate The Hygge Trend Into Your Home
Article Name
How to Incorporate The Hygge Trend Into Your Home
It's the new Scandinavian interior trend that’s taken Autumn/Winter by storm, find out how to incorporate the Hygge trend into your home.

By Charlotte Amor Valentine on 04.10.19

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