Do you occasionally (or even more than just occasionally) find yourself somewhat frustrated with the fact that so many furniture items look very much the same? I mean, of course there are amazing pieces out there which are very unusual and if we look long and hard enough, there’s something for every taste. The downside is of course that these items often come with a hefty price tag attached. If you, like me, like things to be a bit different and at the same time need/want (delete as applicable) to watch the pennies, then you’ll need to think a little creative.

If you’ve already seen the garden lemonade stand fashioned from a vintage ladder, then you’ll already know that a ladder can be used for more than just climbing. So, the same ladder can also be used as a fab focal point and piece of “furniture” inside your home. After all, it would be a shame to use such a lovely item only once, right? Besides, it needs to be stored somewhere, so we might as well make good use of it.

So, three of my favourite things have been the inspiration for this: plants, books (ok, and magazines), and kitchen utensils. I have masses of all of these things and am constantly looking at ways to store and display them. These are not things that I’d actually want to hide away, but that are beautiful enough to be shown off.



I hope this post has inspired you to get creative with your displays.


By Carole Poirot on 22.08.16

Guest Contributor

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