Finally! We have sunshine, the trees are back to green, strawberries are in season and flowers are everywhere. Spring has arrived. It might not quite be warm enough yet for alfresco dining, but that doesn’’t mean that we can’t bring some of that happy spring feeling into our homes and onto our dining tables.

When entertaining guests, it’’s only natural to set a table, and most of the time it will be in a manner that relates to the season. I mean, nobody would really decorate a May table with pinecones, right? Well, unless you live in the southern hemisphere I suppose. But, let’’s just assume you live in the northern hemisphere, where it’’s spring.

Spring Table Styling Post 1

When putting together a table setting for a spring gathering, it’’s important to let go of strict rules and go with a colourful, fun and casual approach. This is far more reflective of the season. Get some pretty flowers which look natural and even if you haven’’t actually picked them from a field, they should at least, to an extent, look as if you have. Arrange them into several small vases or glasses instead of using one, single large vase. This means that you can talk across the table as well as give it a more natural look.

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Layering is always a great way to add interest to a table. This actually goes for a formal as well as a casual table. Assuming that you might need more than one plate, why not mix up the patterns? One plain plate overlaid with a vintage one looks pretty and the patterns add to the spring feel. Accessorise with a natural cotton or linen napkin and some natural touches to finish the look.

Spring Table Styling Post 5

Use a simple linen tablecloth in a neutral colour and glasses with a natural green tint or simple tumblers. This is not the time to bring out the best crystal. Use food as accessories. Bright strawberries, limes, lemons, all these will look great on your table and of course serve a double purpose, you can eat them or use them for drinks.

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Spring Table Styling Post 3

The overall look really is about simplicity, natural touches, and most of all having fun with your guests. The kind of table they will linger at for hours on end, eating, drinking and chatting. After all, that’’s what entertaining is about, right?

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Spring Table Styling Post 7

I hope this has given you some inspiration for you own spring table!

Celebrate the little things and make the most of your #94summerdays

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By Carole Poirot on 11.05.15

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