Talk about using pink in your home and many people will immediately think the design will be either overtly ‘feminine’, garishly girlie or otherwise sugary sweet. However, there are many ways to use pink and avoid those over-simplistic gender connotations (which have never sat well with me anyway, truth be told, –any colour can be anything we want it to be!). And so today, I’’m going to share a few examples of using pink, where the final look is sophisticated and stylish.

pink black and white

Like any colour, you’ll have various undertones at play that will dictate a room temperature, –pinks with cool undertones look great paired with grey and white. Combine these colours with the simple lines of Scandinavian design and you’’ll have a room that looks fresh and trendy.

pink and grey

A warmer pink (one with more red undertones that will border on a salmon or peach) works particularly well with other warmer colours and can make a soft, neutral room come to life. I love this warmer pink in combination with warmer metals like gold or copper, which soften the palette further and create an inviting glow.


Cerise pink can be used as a bold accent especially in a space where colour is limited. Because pink is so close to red on the colour spectrum, it stands out and asks to be noticed, so using it as a small accent is really all that’’s needed to get punchy colour without overwhelming the senses.

pop of pink

One of my favourite tricks to create a glamorous look with pink is to combine it with black. The black grounds the soft pastel and keeps it from looking too sweet and gives the whole room a much more ‘rock and roll’ vibe.

pink with black

I’’ve recently completed my office remodel where I used this trick, and while covering a room with pink paint may be a brave look, the black and gold balance out the feminine vibes of the pink nicely.

Swoon Worthy office remodel in pink

Of course, if you love using pink and you want to go full on saturation, then you can always follow the cues of fashion aristocracy like Inès de La Fressange here and layer it with red and black for a room that would certainly not go unnoticed.

bold sophisticated pink

So as you can see, there are lots of ways to incorporate a touch of pink into your interior, from subtle and sophisticated to full on glamour. So, it’’s time to stop associating the colour pink with “Barbie’’s Dream House” and start to think of it as part of a huge pallete of looks that can really work with any style.

How do you use pink in your interiors? Is this a colour you would use and how? I’’d love to hear from you!


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By Kimberly Duran on 06.07.15

Guest Contributor

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