Smart Home Technology Regional Trends

    London is likely to lead the way in the introduction of Smart Home Technology, while home security is likely to be the catalyst for this technology to move outside the living room into other areas of the house  new research reveals. 

    The research, provided by OnePoll and commissioned by online electrical retailer  showed that, if money was no object, UK residents would invest in a smart security system for their home (37%). This beats products such as virtual digital assistants, which only 1 in 8 of the population would buy (12%), robot lawnmowers (18%) and remote controlled heating for the whole house (29%).

    Results show that fast-paced city life plays a key part in the demand for Smart Home technology too, as time saving (38%) and convenience (51%) are the top influencing factors for people in the city purchasing Smart Home technology.


    Londoners are leading the way in Smart Home technology usage
    London has the highest percentage of people on average who already have or intend to purchase Smart Home technology. Virtual digital assistants and smart security systems for homes, rank the highest amongst London residents, with just over 1 in 6 people already owning these products. The capital’s ownership of virtual digital assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home is 50% higher than the national average.

    Compared to the rest of the UK, Londoners are also the most likely to invest in home automation in the next 12 months, with products such as smart heating systems (12%) and smart security systems (10%) high on their shopping list.


    Smart technology regional trends


    Northern Ireland Smart Home revolution to be led by computers and Smart TV
    It’s laptops and tablets that are leading the way in Northern Ireland, where the census showed one of the highest percentage of people planning on buying computing products within the next 12 months. Smart TVs came in third, while more advanced technology such as robot lawnmowers and remote controlled heating also featured within the top five. Robot vacuum cleaners followed closely behind with 8% of respondents looking to purchase one within the next 12 months.

    Looking beyond 12 months, results revealed that Northern Ireland are one of the most enthusiastic regions when it comes to adopting smart TVs. 78% of residents said they intend to purchase smart TVs within the next two years compared to the rest of the country which came in at 68% on average.


    East Anglia and East Midlands the most reluctant to adopt Smart Home technology
    By contrast, the research revealed that people living in East Anglia are the least likely to adopt smart technology in their homes compared to the rest of the country. 74% of respondents from East Anglia said they were ‘not likely to purchase’ any Smart Home products, such as remotely heating the house and remote security systems.

    East Anglia also ranked second behind East Midlands as the region who do not want to incorporate Smart Home technology anywhere in the house (49%).

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    About AO Census
    Commissioned by through provider, OnePoll. Survey of 2,000 UK male and females who own or rent a home, and own at least one TV and computing device. Data correct as of April 2017.