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    A new survey on Smart Home technology suggests that the Smart home revolution is likely to start in the living room, with Smart TV’s, laptops and tablets. 

    The research, provided by OnePoll and commissioned by online electrical retailer in April 2017 revealed that 39% of respondents currently own a smart TV and a further 15% say they will buy one in the next 12 months, with 75% believing they will have a smart TV in the future. 38% of 18-24 years olds that don’t own a smart TV said they don’t feel the need to buy one, as they already own a plug in or accessory to make a standard TV smart.


    Smart TV and Home automation research


    Bigger is better when it comes to televisions
    The average size of a TV is now 40 inches, with 38% of people opting for the bigger sizes between 41 and 50 inch.  We spend an average of £494 on our main TV, but this figure varies across the country – the South West only spends only £438 on average, whereas the North East spends a whopping £556 on its man TV. The North East also come out tops when it comes to television size, and have the highest ownership of Smart TVs at 45%.  For information on regional trends, click here.


    Our viewing habits are changing
    32% of the nation now don’t frequently consume live TV and instead opt for on demand services, subscriptions or streaming, which increases the demand for smart TVs or accessories. 5% of the population now watch TV while commuting, with this figure rising to 11% in London.


    We are going wireless
    DAB Radios and iPhone docks are the most popular audio devices on the market, but the future is likely to be wireless. Products featuring wireless technology are set to rise by 54% in the next 12 months.

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    About AO Census
    Commissioned by through provider, OnePoll Survey of 2,000 UK male and females who own or rent a home, and own at least one TV and computing device. Data correct as of April 2017.