Dust has settled on the sideboards, the fridge is starting to crawl and the bin is buzzing with the smell of teabags. This is Spring Wash.

It’s that time of  year when our homes are waking from hibernation and are in dire need of a deep clean. The winter has left a dank, dusty layer in its wake and the collection of sprays and scrubbing brushes under the kitchen sink have been neglected for far too long! Open the windows, let the fresh air flood in and try to stay motivated long enough before the mountain of chores all get a bit too much and you retreat back into your cosy wintery nest. Truth is, the annual spring clean can be a daunting task.

Before you get yourself into a boxing match with the ironing board, why not take a moment to read this post. AO Life is here to help with some handy apps and appliances to motivate your spring cleaning spruce up and help you keep your home sparking all year round!


Samsung Ecobubble WW10H9600EW



Typically, it’s tricky to get ecstatic about washing machines. However, the Ecobubble is innovative, smart and looks like an astronaut’s helmet, satisfying both the geek and aspiring domestic goddess in me.

The Ecobubble allows you to control your washing machine from your smartphone, so you can chuck your clothes in before you leave the house and set it to spin remotely just before you return home. No more waiting around for spin cycles to finish or worrying about damp clothes lurking in the drum. You’ll also notice that the simple, futuristic design is void of detergent draws. This is because you pour your entire bottle of detergent into one internal dispenser and the entire bottle of fabric conditioner into another. When you put on a wash, the WW9000 does the hard work for you and determines how dirty your clothes are and how much softener they’ll need!

On top of all the impressive technical features, it wins the capacity prize and offers a HUGE 10kg drum. This means there’s plenty of room to get heaps of laundry done at once, including larger items such as blankets and duvets which you may be thinking about washing during the annual spring clean.





The annual spring clean can feel overwhelming due to the sheer amount of chores that need to be done, it’s tricky to know where to start. Once you’ve successfully tackled one room in the house, how do you keep on top of the mess and stop the other rooms spinning out of control? Tody is a fantastic, practical app to help you schedule the housework and keep on top of frequent chores.

With Tody you start by designating the areas of your home you’d like to monitor such as the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. You then choose from a menu of preset common chores or enter in your own custom tasks and set how often they should be performed in days, weeks, or months. Finally, you determine the tasks current state: clean, between, due, or overdue. The task then shows up in the assigned area with a coloured bar indicating its condition and its due date. You can view your chores as one big to-do list organised by due date, by area, or by what you’ve done today. This makes prioritising the housework a doddle and you needn’t feel you have to do everything at once!


BrightNest App


BrightNest will help you tackle important home tasks with a personal schedule and helpful reminders but it sets itself aside from other task managers by offering you custom-tailored cleaning tricks and home decor ideas based on your home’s unique traits (like floor type and countertop material).

Divided into eight categories (healthy, green, savvy, curious, clean, handy, creative, and hungry), BrightNest ideas and tips are presented on colourful, photo-heavy cards with step by step instructions. These include anything from, simple steps to a great smelling home, wardrobe organisational tips, or how to make butterfly feeders! If you like the look of a tip you can save it and schedule it for a later date. As well as some fantastic spring cleaning tips you may find some great craft ideas for all the family.


LG Styler

The LG Styler was revealed at CES 2015 and although it’s not on sale yet, LG have invented a wardrobe so sci-fi and exciting that it would look at home on the Star Trek Enterprise and I couldn’t not give it an honourable mention.

The LG Styler is a sleek, slimline wardrobe that refreshes clothes without using detergents. Firstly the Stylers Odour Removal, feature uses steam and a choice of fresh smelling aroma sheets to help remove unpleasant smells left behind by smoke, food and sweat. The Moving Hanger Action, gently shakes the clothes after they have been steamed to remove all wrinkles and what’s more, the new Easy Pants Crease Care, will refresh and neatly crease a pair of trousers in about half an hour.

This wardrobe will be ideal for those with busy lifestyles and an expensive laundry bill. No one likes Eau de Conference Room or ironing shirts on a Sunday night, so let the LG Styler sort it for you.


Samsung POWERbot VR9000


Another eagerly anticipated item from Samsung is their state of the art robotic vacuum revealed at CES 2015. The POWERbot forms part of the Samsung Smart Home range but won’t be on sale till later in the year. Like other robotic vacuums such as the Roomba, the POWERbot offers hands free, automated floor cleaning. You set the times you want the gadget to let loose on your carpets and it will merrily go about its day cleaning the house whilst you’re out doing more important things.

The POWERbot has a host of savvy sensors that help it pilot itself safely around an entire room, intelligently skirting tight squeezes and avoiding areas it could bump into, such as the gaps between chair legs. In all, it’s a clever little gadget and you won’t have to rescue it from under the sofa with a dead battery, but how does it compare with a larger vacuum? According to the official press release, the new Powerbot VR9000 will have superior suction power that’s as much as 60 times better at sucking up dust, dirt, and any other unwelcome floor debris than conventional cleaners. As someone with white floorboards, this is something I’m really interested in!


Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher


Whilst your chipping away at the spring cleaning chores, the last thing you want to worry about is the growing pile of dishes. Sadly, the washing up will forever find its way onto the daily list of to-do’s, but you can certainly make your life less stressful by investing in a seriously good dishwasher.

The Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher uses a sweeping wall of jet-powered water to deliver squeaky clean dishes every cycle and sports some great time saving features.  The unique Zone Booster lets you create two different zones inside the dishwasher, so you can see your crystal glasses sparkling and dirty oven trays blasted in the same wash. The WaterWall also has an auto open door feature which automatically opens the door slightly at the end of a cycle to let the steam escape so your dishes dry more quickly.

So what do you think of our list? Would any make your life easier? What are your favourite cleaning gadgets?


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By Maddie Moate on 03.03.15

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