We all know parenting can be an expensive business. Right from the get-go, children can require a fair bit of expenditure to keep them entertained and happy. Yes, I know children don’t need some of the expensive luxuries that we lavish on them but, in this modern age, us parents can often find ourselves being badgered into buying expensive gadgets and games for our little darlings.

My two children are 8 and 5, and can already lay claim to a number of gadgets which would have baffled a 5-year-old me. Amongst their hoard is a Playstation ‘Vita’ handheld console, a couple of child-friendly ‘InnoTab’ tablets and an old iPhone which I no longer needed. Add to that access to our home computer and the occasional borrowing of mum or dad’s smartphone, and you’re looking at over half-a-dozen devices to entertain them during their down time.

Being children, they seem to get obsessed by just 2 or 3 games at a time. My oldest, for instance, plays almost exclusively on Minecraft (despite us buying him several other games for his PS Vita) and my youngest plays whatever Lego games the internet throws at him. Quite frankly, it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for any parent who tries to introduce a bit of variety.


Well, thankfully, the smart people at GameFly have come up with a solution – and it’s not just for kids. But crucially for me, as a parent, it pretty much solves the problem I outlined above, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg in the process.

Put simply, GameFly is like NetFlix, but for Games. A simple enough principal, I admit, but one which I’d never even considered until I heard about GameFly. For less than £10 a month, you get access to a whole host of games to play, directly from your home network. You don’t need an expensive console either – all you need is a decent TV and a compatible controller.

They support devices like the Amazon Fire TV, plus smart TVs from , Phillips and LG. The controllers themselves seem to be easily available  (and include generic controllers from Playstation and X-Box), then all you need to check is your internet connection – and boom, you’re ready to go!

Now before I turn my attention to the selection of games on offer, I should caveat this by saying that I’m not a massive Gaming nerd. I couldn’t tell the difference between a Grand Theft Auto and a Call of Duty, and probably anything in between either. But what I do know well is classic games – and luckily, GameFly has its fair share of those as well. As luck would have it, there are also a number of highly-playable, family-friendly games on there too.


They’ve got everything from PacMan to BatMan and Kung Pu Panda to the Lego Movie video game. And while my two kids might not want to get involved in some of the more complex or grown-up games on the system, those four games alone would keep them happy for a good long while.

Much like Netflix (and other streaming services like it) I have a suspicion that the range of available titles will grow significantly as the service becomes more popular – it’s common sense for that to be their model. But even if they never expanded beyond their current catalogue, they’ve got an expansive enough range that you’d be hard-pushed to begrudge £10 just to give the service a try for a month.

Why not give GameFly a go on your home TV? I can certainly recommend it!


Samsung are running a promotion until the 4th September 2016 which offers a three month games subscription plus a free controller with selected TV’s. Check it out here.

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By Henry Elliss on 19.07.16

Guest Contributor

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