You’ve got yourself a great home cinema system and you’re looking to take it for a spin. But, before you do, you’ve still got to answer that all-important question; which movie do you watch first?

If you’ve spent as much time browsing Netflix as we have, you’ll know that sometimes too much choice can be a terrible thing. So, to ease the pressure, we thought we’d make a few suggestions to help you kick things off in spectacular fashion.


If you’ve never been to space before (hey, we’re not making any assumptions) then your new cinema system, combined with Interstellar, might be the next best thing.

From Earth’s dusty cornfields, to each of Interstellar’s show-stealing planets and star-sprinkled vistas; this is a cosmic journey that needs to be viewed on the biggest screen possible. How else would you appreciate the gorgeous view?

Your speakers will also be put to good use, with Hans Zimmer’s organ-heavy score providing the perfect backdrop to some of the most intense moments in recent memory.

Tron: Legacy

When it hit theatres back in 2010, Disney’s long-awaited Tron sequel was derided for being all style and no substance.

Well, you know what, sometimes that’s exactly what you need, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more dazzling than Tron’s neon-addled, beat-heavy version of cyberspace.

The light cycle battle, in particular, comes to life through surround sound, and with a top-of-the-line speaker system you’ll be able to hear in glorious detail what happens when a bike materialises out of thin air – as well as what it sounds like when they smash into millions of digital pieces.


Mad Max: Fury Road

Perhaps the best thing about Fury Road is that it surprised viewers and critics by being an action movie with genuine heart. That’s not why you need it in your collection, though.

No, you need Mad Max so you can experience all the explosions, all the petrol-fuelled action, brought to life on your home screen. It might just be one huge car chase, but when it’s a car chase with this many crashes, spectacular, gravity-deifying shootouts, and jaw-dropping stunts, it’s a car chase worth owning.

Make sure you turn up the volume during the final third. You know, the part where the steering wheel-worshipping Australians try to capture their stolen brides by swinging on 20 foot poles attached to the back of cars. Yep. That actually happens.

Saving Private Ryan

Aside from being an unforgettable tale of camaraderie in the face of overwhelming adversity, Saving Private Ryan is also one of the most impactful spectacles ever committed to film.

More than anything, Steven Spielberg’s war epic is worth adding to your collection just so you can experience that iconic, unapologetically brutal D-Day landing sequence as it was intended.

With your new set-up you’ll be able to hear bullets whistle overhead, explosions ripple across the Normandy beach, and the laboured breath of soldiers struggling to find a foothold in the battle. Just remember, as impressive as it might be, Saving Private Ryan isn’t for the faint of heart.

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is one of the most recent examples of animation done right, and, as it happens, it’s also the perfect fit for your new home cinema.

Every single scene is an explosion of colour, while the movie sounds just as good, with plastic lasers and blocky explosions framing some truly jaw-dropping action sequences.

With a high definition screen, you’ll really be able to appreciate the vibrant chaos unfolding around you, and, in particular, a Lego chase sequence involving a shapeshifting car-bike-plane hybrid (this really is the stuff of childhood dreams) that’d give most action blockbusters a run for their money.

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By Chris Kerr on 05.05.16

Guest Contributor

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  1. Kieron says:

    Interstellar is a looong film! I put off watching it for months, but then it came onto Sky Cinema and couldn’t resist. What a film! (…I actually watched it again the next day it was that good). Everybody needs to watch this film if you haven’t already. Especially on your 4K TV ;)

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