In the inevitable post-festive lull, you’ve probably been mulling over a familiar question: what’s your New Year’s resolution going to be this time around?

Is it time to give up chocolate? No, well perhaps you’ll finally learn that new language, or save for that dream holiday? Or like so many of us, maybe you’ll decide it’s time to grab your running shoes and burn off those Christmas calories? Start as you mean to go on, after all.

If that is the case, you’ll be thrilled to hear we’ve put together a little running playlist to help you get your groove on. What are friends for, eh?


The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl

Taken from The Chemical Brothers’ third studio album, ‘Surrender,’ this thumping track will encourage you to do nothing of the sort. Everything from those titular opening lines to that low-riding bassline scream “motivation,” which is exactly why we’ve slapped it at the top of our list. Try listening to this one without getting pumped up. We dare you.


Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Is there a song more synonymous with workout routines than Survivor’s smash hit, Eye of the Tiger? That’s a trick question, because of course there isn’t. The iconic pop-rock single burst onto the scene as the main theme to Rocky III, but soon became a hit in its own right. Just like Rocky Balboa himself, Survivor’s vintage riffs ooze determination. And hey, if it’s good enough for the champ, it’s good enough for us.

Youngblood Hawke - We Come Running

This time around the clue’s in the name. We Come Running is a slice of pure synthpop gold from American indie band Youngblood hawk. “Heading for the open door, tell me what you’re waiting for!” sing the vibrant group, and I might say the same thing to you. So, when you’re in desperate need of some get-up-and-go on those gloomy January mornings, stick this in your ears and watch your worries melt away.

Jacuzzi Boys - Bricks or Coconuts

When you’re flagging mid-run and need a little pick-me-up, look no further than Jacuzzi Boys’ uptempo pace-setter, Bricks or Coconuts. A charming, lo-fi summer jam that’s sure to put a smile back on your face, this old-school track will make you believe the sun can shine in the dead of winter.

Sia - Alive (Cahill Mix)

Sia’s emotional synthpop anthem Alive became an instant classic when it landed back in 2015 (sheesh, that feels like such a long time ago). While the original was near-perfect, this remix, endorsed by the Australian singer-songwriter herself, is perhaps even better for you runners out there. More uptempo, more frenetic, and arguably more powerful, it’s a driving force certain to push you over the finish line.

Eminem - Lose Yourself

That understated piano intro. That bullish guitar riff. And those classic opening lines. Lose Yourself is a rare beast. A hip-hop song that somehow managed to strike a chord with almost everyone. Eminem’s critically acclaimed hit is an aggressive, adrenaline-fuelled rebuke to his doubters that champions determination and self-belief above all else. So, when it’s time to push through the pain and put one foot infront of the other, you’ll be thankful you added this to your playlist.

Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

You’ve finished your run, and it’s time to warm-down. And what better way to loosen up than with Jamiroquai’s soulful, smooth-as-butter chart-topper? A funky ode to preposterous body-bopping, Canned Heat is the absolute definition of feel-good. You’re meant to enjoy your workout, after all.


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Start the year right with our running playlist
Article Name
Start the year right with our running playlist
The 7 tracks you need on your running playlist to motivate you on the go!

By Chris Kerr on 11.01.19

Guest Contributor

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  1. Paul Colquitt says:

    Pretty good choices, not what i would pick but all motivational so i will load them up and give it a try.


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