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Best Handheld Vacuums

Perfect for everyday clean up and spot cleaning, handheld vacuums will keep your home clean and dust free.

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AEG Car and Stair AG71A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
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AEG Car and Stair AG71A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The AG71A from AEG is a powerful 700 Watt mains operated hand vac that’s ideal for use on your stairs and on your car’s interior. At 2.6kg, vacuuming around those hard to reach areas of your home and upholstery will no longer be a strain.

It’s cyclonic so you’ll never lose suction and the Rapid Clean brush will agitate carpet fibres to remove stubborn dirt and mud. Another really handy feature is the Riser Visor, which flips up and down for easy vertical and horizontal cleaning. There’s a crevice tool too for those narrow spaces such as gaps between seats.

You get a generous 0.6 litre dust capacity which is large enough to spot clean and collect lots of dust before it needs emptying. It also comes with a long 6 metre cord so you can easily reach your car if it’s parked on the drive. There’s a stretch hose too to help you reach even further into crevices and awkward corners. 

Why it's great

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This handheld vacuum is specially designed for use on stairs or in the car and, because it’s cyclonic, it'll never lose section power. Result!
  • Plugs into mains so you can start cleaning right away
  • 0.6 litre dust capacity
  • Comes with a handy tool for corners and crevices
  • Dusting brush is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • Washable filter captures fine dust and dirt
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