Why choose Bosch?

You can trust a Bosch dishwasher to find a solution for everything. Their dishwashers have plenty of helpful features, from adjustable shelves to automatic programmes that take the guesswork out of washing up. Because a Bosch will always find the right wash for your plates, doing the dishes has never been easier!

Perfect drying, every time. Meet the dishdryer among dishwashers

Make unloading the dishwasher as easy as loading it with PerfectDry. Now, everything will come out crystal clean and bone dry, even plastics. Special minerals help to absorb all humidity at the end of a cycle, creating warm air that gently dries. Enjoy cupboard-ready results with no need for that last wipe down with a tea towel.

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Big plates? No problem!

Even the biggest piles of washing up get the best clean with Bosch’s flexible racking. Thanks to easily adjustable shelves and baskets, the inside of your dishwasher can be moved to fit around your pots and pans. The racking simply lifts up or down whenever you need a little extra space, even when your machine is full. So you can forget about puzzling over how to stack your pots!

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Choose from Bosch's reliable range
of Serie Dishwashers

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Serie 8

There are 8 automatic programmes to choose from, including an intensive cycle that uses higher temperatures to blast away stubborn stains.


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  • 14 place settings
  • 8 programmes
  • A++ energy efficiency rating
  • Auto programmes make washing easier
  • Adjustable racking, shelves and baskets for bigger loads
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Serie 6

Get a thorough wash in under 30 minutes, with a Quick Wash setting and 5 automatic programmes


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  • 14 place settings
  • 5 wash programmes
  • 29 minute quick wash
  • Adjustable shelves and baskets
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Serie 4

Energy efficient and ideal for smaller households


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  • 12 place settings
  • 5 wash programmes
  • Adjustable baskets

Silent washing for a quieter home

Pop a load of dishes on overnight without being disturbed. Perfect for open plan living, Bosch dishwashers are quieter than a whisper. Thanks to clever noise cancellation technology, you can enjoy peaceful mealtimes whilst your dishes still get the most intense clean.

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5 /5


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Very quiet, looks great

“Very pleased with this dishwasher. It has a massive capacity and is so quiet you can hardly hear it working!”

Save on energy, save on time

Whether you’re washing for one or cleaning up after the family, you can save money with a Bosch dishwasher. By recycling water from the previous wash and using it to pre-rinse your pots, your dishwasher uses less water. So your plates will still come out sparkling whilst your energy bills stay low.

The perfect dose

Ever found an undissolved tablet at the bottom of your dishwasher? With Dosage Assist, the tablet is placed in a special tray to stop it falling. So your plates will always come out clean, and you won’t waste your tablets.

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The perfect dose

Super easy settings

Take the guesswork out of washing up with automatic programmes. Whether it’s a half load or your dishes are extra dirty, you can trust Bosch to do the right wash.

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Super easy settings