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Eco Collection Eco-friendly Appliances

Creator of Eco Collection

A note from the creator of the...
Eco-friendly Collection

As one of the product managers at ao.com, I come across many incredibly efficient appliances that help you save money, while also being kinder to the environment. My Eco Collection is an assortment of the leading appliances in efficiency, using innovative technology to give you a greener kitchen.

One of the real stand-out models has to be the Beko ECOWMB81445LW washing machine. It's A+++ energy rating is a market leader in efficiency, saving you up to 50% in energy costs. This impressive rating owes a lot to intelligent water reduction technology that adjusts automatically for smaller loads. Less water means less energy and more money in your pocket.

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Eco-friendlyWashing Machines

From market leading A+++ energy ratings, to super efficient eco programmes, our carefully selected washing machines will help keep your wallet and the environment happy.

Eco-friendlyTumble Dryers

Tumble dryers may not be known for their efficiency, but these models really break the mould with impressive energy ratings and eco-friendly features.

Eco-friendlyWasher Dryers

Giving you the best of both worlds in one appliance, we've chosen these washer dryers for their impressive environmentally friendly technology.


These dishwashers come loaded with incredible energy ratings and intelligent programmes to help give you a greener home.


Introducing a stylish range of ovens that'll look great in your kitchen and keep electricity costs low with their A energy ratings.


This Leisure model looks very attractive in a traditional cream colour, while also giving you an A/A energy rating – the finest rating a cooker can get.


Induction hobs are the future of home cooking, giving you speed and efficiency. By using electro magnets that only connect with the pan you're using, very little energy is wasted.

Eco-friendlyFridge Freezers

Large capacities and large savings, these efficient fridge freezers are fit for families who are after generous storage, while also keeping a watchful eye on their energy bills.


Costing you under £2 a month to run, these super-efficient fridges offer incredibly low energy usage to keep you on nature's good side.


Our handpicked vacuums below are revolutionary. All three are built with their own unique, energy saving technologies that'll save you money while you clean.

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Beko Eco
Washing Machine

Protect the planet
and your pocket

Keeping one eye on the environment and another on your pocket, this Beko washing machine features an outstanding energy rating for efficiency. It's one of the most efficient on the market, which means you could be saving a bundle of cash on your bills. And with a full load cleaned in just 39 minutes flat, you could save a staggering amount of time, too.

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Wash large loads
enjoy small bills

An impressive energy efficiency rating of A+++ assures you of an effective, money-saving performance, whatever lies within the wash pile. And as it boasts an 8kg capacity drum, that's a lot of efficiently cleaned clothes. To put things in perspective, you can save as much as 50% on your bills compared to an A rated model.

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Intelligently efficientautomatic water reduction

When it comes to water, wastage can be one of the main causes of an unexpectedly large bill. With water automatically reduced on under-capacity cycles, you can wave goodbye to that headache. And as clothes are washed using just the right amount of water, you'll benefit from shorter cycle times, too.

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Beko Washing Machine

Product details

  • Dimensions

    (H) 85.0cm x (W) 59.5cm x (D) 59.5cm

  • Energy rating

    A+++ Rated

  • Model

    Beko ECOWMB81445LW

  • Brand
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If you like the Beko Eco Washing Machine, we recommend these for you:

"By using properly sourced renewable material, you can make your kitchen both environmentally friendly and super stylish."

As the world becomes more energy conscious, it's wise to think about introducing efficiency to your home. And where better to start than your kitchen? Have a look at our style guide below to see how you can mix contemporary design with eco-friendly efficiency - keeping both Mother Nature and the fashion police on your side.

Styletrend tip

Living environmentally savvy doesn't mean you must ditch your house for a hut, as there are many ways you can integrate eco friendly materials into your home. For creating a traditional country look in your kitchen, you can use sustainable timber for your worktops and flooring. This will add real rustic appeal to your surroundings.

You can give your kitchen a contemporary twist with recycled stainless steel and glass for your sink and worktop. Complement the look with durable linoleum flooring that's a natural product, while also being warm and snug underfoot. You can get really creative too, by popping down to the reclamation yard for other reusable materials like stone and metal for creating uniquely chic furniture.

Miele's Vacuum

Must havecollection piece

Designed for up to 20 years use.

Backed by Miele's famed build quality, the S6240 delivers a 2000 watt motor performance while using 40% less energy. This is largely down to the innovative AirTeQ floorhead that ensures premium performance with little energy usage. It's incredibly light too, weighing in at a petit 5.8kg to make manoeuvrability easy. It also comes equipped with an insulated motor to reduce noise, a generous 10m metre operating radius and Air Clean filters that help accomplish an all-round intensive clean.

Learn more

Top 4Eco Kitchens

It's quite incredible what you can do with natural resources that are surprisingly very easy to obtain. Our hunt for the most energy conscious and attractive kitchens led us to wonderful decors that fuse alluring aesthetics with environmentally-friendly materials.

Click the images to discover how cork creates a cosy underlay, why wooden worktops go beyond beauty and which simple household appliance can save you money on energy bills.

Antibacterialfor practicality

Stainless steel and wood both have naturally occurring antibacterial properties which mean less harsh chemicals need to be used on these surfaces – better for you and the environment. Source your wood worktops via reputable suppliers who use wood from a sustainable source. In addition, remember not to open the oven door whilst food is cooking – it will lose as much as 25 degrees and will mean more energy needs to be used in order to retain the temperature. Instead, consider just turning on the oven light and checking your meal through the window.

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Natural Flooringfor sustainability

The beauty of natural flooring isn't just aesthetic – it's better for both you and the environment as it doesn't emit the same toxins found in many manufactured materials. When choosing wood flooring, ensure the manufacturer uses wood from a sustainable source. Or, consider an option like cork, a sustainable material from the forests of Portugal and Spain which takes only 9 years to regenerate, while trees such as oak or maple can take 3 times longer. Cork underlay also has higher thermal and acoustic properties than conventional foam.

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Reduce Energysave water

Consider fitting an energy-efficient dishwasher as part of your design. Reports have shown that using a dishwasher not only reduces the amount of water used compared to washing dishes by hand, but it's more hygienic as the temperatures of the water used would burn your hands in hand washing. Make the most of your dishwasher by ensuring it's full when it's run. Let the dishes dry naturally when the cycle completes as more energy is used in the drying cycle than in the washing cycle.Remember that for smaller appliances, unplug or switch off at the plug socket when not in use to conserve energy.

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Reduce Wasteand conserve energy

In most kitchens, the single largest energy consuming appliance is the fridge. To keep your fridge running as efficiently as possible, make sure it's as full as possible. The food helps to retain the cold temperature so when the door is open, less cold air is lost. A fridge with a freezer on the top or bottom uses 20% less energy than a fridge with side by side doors. In addition, be mindful of your natural light sources by positioning kitchen worktops and sinks under windows where possible and install energy-efficient lighting with low-energy light bulbs which last many years longer than conventional bulbs.

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Naturally antibacterial surfaces

Nature's own antidote.

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Natural flooring for sustainability

The beauty of natural flooring isn't just aesthetic.

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Reduce energy,
save water

Make an energy-efficient dishwasher part of your kitchen's décor.

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Reduce waste and conserve energy Reduce waste and conserve energy

How a full fridge saves you energy.

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