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Cooker Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things you need to know when it comes to choosing your brand new cooker.


Measured in litres, a larger capacity will give you more space to cook several things at once. We stock cookers ranging from 40-80 litres.


Pyrolytic cleaning burns away grease and grime from your oven, while catalytic liners absorb everything.

Cooking Functions

Whether it’s grilling, fan cooking or even pizza settings, our range offers plenty of options when it comes to choosing functions to suit the way you cook.

Hob Type

To give you plenty of choice, our range of cookers features gas, induction, ceramic and solid plate hobs.

Hot Zone

For added safety, it's recommended that you leave a certain amount of clear space between your cooker's hob and your extractor hood.

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This depends on how busy your kitchen can get and how much food you like to cook at once. The bigger the capacity, the more flexibility you have to cook several dishes or courses at once. Cookers have two cavities. One is the main oven and the second is a smaller cavity that could be just a grill or could double up as a second oven. Capacities are measured in litres. Anything with a 65 litre capacity and above will suit a large household or budding chef.

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Cleaning your cooker

When it comes to cleaning your cooker, there are a few different methods. Pyrolytic cleaning works by burning of all grease and grime at really high temperatures of 500 degrees. And once it’s finished, all you need to do is wipe away the ash and you’re good to go. Catalytic liners absorb dirt and grease, which is then burnt off at around 210 degrees. And enamel liners make manual cleaning easy, as their shiny, smooth surface makes grease really easy to wipe away.

Cleaning your cooker
Cookers Special Settings

Fuel Type & Functions

You’ll be able to choose from a gas or an electric cooker, and many offer dual fuel options with an electric oven and gas hob. If you want a gas cooker but live in an area where a connection isn’t available, we do have LPG-convertible models, some of which include the conversion kit. Just check the spec under Key Information when you’re looking at our cookers.

Depending on whether you get a gas or electric cooker, there are lots of different cooking functions to choose from. Basic models will just have simple temperature controls, where others give you more heating options like fan grilling and top and bottom heat. There are also settings for pizza and dough to give you amazing baking results.

Hob Type

Gas hobs are great for fast, responsive heat. They have separate supports to withstand clattering pans, but these can be hard to clean. Electric hobs are smooth and easy to clean, but ceramic hobs can be slower to respond. Induction hobs offer the fastest, most responsive way to cook. They're the best choice for safety, as they only heat the pan and not the surface of the hob. They also look fantastic, with their smooth glass finish.

Gas Hob Pan Supports Buying Guide
Gas Hob with pan supports

Hot Zone

This is the area above the hob on your cooker. Manufacturers recommended that you leave a suitable amount of space between the hob and your cooker hood. For an electric hob it should be 65cm, for gas it should be 75cm. It’s really important that this area is clear of plug sockets, cupboards or anything else that might catch fire when your hob is in use.

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