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Microwave Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things you need to know when it comes to choosing your brand new microwave.


The larger the capacity, the more food you can fit in at once. We stock models ranging from 17 litres, all the way up to 67 litres.


Turn up the heat with a more powerful model. Our microwaves come with a range of power levels, giving you more flexibility.


Microwaves are great for getting your food ready, fast. A defrost feature makes things even quicker, it's perfect for thawing bread and frozen meals.


There's something to suit every kitchen in our range. Choose from classic and contemporary, you can even add a pop of colour.

Extra Features

Get even more from your microwave by choosing a combination model. You'll have more ways to cook with oven and grill functions.

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Capacity Microwave Buying Guide


A microwave with a larger capacity gives you space to cook a full plate. Our models range from 17 to 67 litres, so you can simply warm a glass of milk or cook a whole chicken depending on which size you go for. As a general rule, anything with a 26 litre capacity or above will fit a full sized dinner plate inside.


Cut down cooking times with a high powered microwave. Measured in watts, our microwaves range from 700 watts to well over 1000 watts. The higher the wattage the quicker your food will be cooked. A more powerful model may also have extra features, including a grill setting, perfect for crispy bacon. 

Power Microwave Buying Guide
Defrost Microwaves Buying Guide


One of the most popular functions in a microwave is a defrost setting. This gets your meat and bread defrosted quickly and safely. Popping your frozen food in the microwave on a defrost setting is a far more hygienic way to thaw compared to leaving your food on the side.

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It’s easy to inject a little personality into your kitchen with a few small appliances. Choose from retro style microwaves, statement coloured models or classic black versions. This is a great a way to add a touch of colour to your kitchen, particularly if you match your microwave to smaller appliances like your kettle and toaster.

Style Microwaves Buying Guide

Extra Features

A microwave can handle far more than a ready meal. With grill and oven settings you can roast chicken, steam veg and even make cakes. Look out for a model that has automatic programmes. This will take away any guesswork as the microwave will work out exactly how long to cook your food for. 

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We’ve got a fantastic range of microwaves for you to choose from. To help narrow your search, we’ve picked five Best Buys that offer great value and brilliant features.

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