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Parents’ Guide to Buying a Laptop

Check out the top 5 things you need to know when buying a new laptop for your child with our helpful guide.

Computers have come a long way since the days of floppy discs, Encarta and that chirpy little Paperclip assistant. Now, laptops are more essential than ever, even for our youngest generation. From entertainment to homework, they can both educate and inspire. That’s why it’s vital you get the right kit. We’ve picked out the key things to look for when shopping for a new laptop for the kids, whether they’re six or sixteen.

Getting the tech right

First things first, you need to choose a laptop that has enough power to manage all the programs they’ll need for homework. Otherwise it’s just an invitation for them to nag you when their laptop is slow. But if you don’t know what you should be looking for, you can try our general laptop buying guide to learn about the key components that affect performance. If you really want to know your stuff, our tech explained articles go into more depth on RAM, processors and more, so you’ll be a tech-whiz in no time!

Tech explained


You can’t constantly watch your kids when they’re using their laptop. So you need to make sure they stay safe – whether that’s avoiding websites they shouldn’t be looking at, keeping your personal details secure or making sure they aren’t destroying the laptop by downloading hundreds of viruses. Make sure you have antivirus software installed to stop any nasty viruses or other bugs from causing you all manner of headaches, and look for antivirus packages with parental controls to protect them from sites they shouldn’t be visiting.

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Unlike back in the good old days, Office doesn’t come as standard with new laptops. Without it, your child’s new laptop isn’t complete. So if you want to give them everything they need to tackle all their homework projects, make sure you pick up a copy of Office. For ease, you could get an Office 365 Home package, which lets up to five members of your family install the software on their laptop, tablet and phone – so you can all work on any of your devices.

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It’s important to make sure you’ve got everything your child needs, which is where our accessories come in. If they’re going to be carrying their laptop around with them, you’ll want to invest in a bag or case that’ll stop it getting broken when it’s inevitably bashed around. We also have mice, when a trackpad just isn’t comfortable enough, as well as a range of headsets, webcams speakers and more. Check out our full range of accessories or view our great bundles so you can get everything you need in one easy purchase. Don’t forget to look at printers too – it’s no good them creating amazing essays if they’ve no way of handing it in.

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While you may buy a laptop for your child with visions of coursework, presentations and everything educational, chances are they’re going to want to play games too. And while most laptops can handle simple online games, you’ll need to go for a higher spec laptop if they want to play the latest releases. Think of it as a games console and homework laptop rolled into one, and it’s a great way to score cool points too.

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