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What is ULED?

Find out everything you need to know about Hisense’s latest tech.

You’re no stranger to 4K, you’ve got your head around curved TVs, and you can talk about HDR in your sleep. Now, you’re ready for the next acronym to take the TV world by storm. Models with Hisense’s Ultra Light Emitting Diode, or ULED to you and me, benefit from 4K resolution, an incredible range of colour, amazing sense of depth and so much more. In this guide, we’ll give you a crash course on everything you need to know about ULED TVs.

Bursting with colour

One of the first things that stand out with a ULED TV is the incredible amount of colours it can show on screen. These Ultra High Definition models also have an eye-popping display of over 8 million individual pixels too, so you get a dazzlingly clear and colourful picture with an astonishing level of detail. Perfect for everything you need a TV for - from an exhilarating football final to an action-packed movie night.


I can see clearly now

Showing darker colours on a TV screen is a tricky thing to do. Most TVs just turn off pixels in order to show black shades, but ULED TVs can intelligently dim and brighten certain pixels to perfectly show the right shade. This means you get a greater amount of detail with things like shadows, as well as a dizzying sense of depth. This makes watching a horror movie super atmospheric – even if you’re watching it from behind the sofa!

Super smooth motion

Some TVs can struggle to handle the amount of movement on screen, which sometimes results in a distracting blur. Luckily, Hisense’s ULED makes sure your movie night goes off without a hitch. These TVs actually create extra frames so the action runs super smoothly. This helps stop any blur so you can stay in the zone and concentrate on the heat of the moment.

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