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    What size TV should I buy?

    Find the perfect TV screen size for your living room.

    They say bigger is better. We agree. Especially when it comes to a new TV. But, it’s still important to make sure you get the ideal screen size for your living room, whether you live in a caravan or a castle. We’re not going to ask you to measure the distance from your sofa to the wall to the nearest window and divide it all by 47. We’re just going to keep it simple and tell you things you need to consider to get the best viewing experience.

    Big on size, big on detail

    If it’s time to treat yourself to a new television, you’re probably going to upgrade to a beautiful big screen. Rightly so. And, luckily for you, you don’t have to choose between a massive TV and the best picture quality. Thanks to technology like 4K, you can get both. With four times as many pixels and twice the resolution of Full HD TV’s, a 4K display packs in a tonne of detail to fill the space on even the largest screens. So, to really get the benefit of that huge jump in picture quality, you’re going to need a bigger TV! Find out more about 4K here.

    4K TVs over 55"

    Where is it going to live?

    Your shiny new TV deserves to be the centrepiece of your living room. So, keep viewing angles in mind when you’re choosing where it should live. The more central you are, the more immersive those movie nights will be.

    • Mounting your new TV on the wall? First things first – check there’s enough space on your wall for the new TV. Yes, that might sound a bit obvious, but we haven’t even told you not to put your new TV over your fireplace yet… You can find the dimensions, not just the screen size, of every TV and wall bracket we sell under the Key Information tab on our product pages.
    • The same goes if you’re planning to put it on a stand. Double check those measurements on our site and make sure the stand is wide enough to accommodate the TV. Simple.

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    How far away is the screen?

    We’re not sure we trust those super-confusing viewing distance calculators that tell us we need an 80” screen if we sit precisely 8 feet away from the TV. That just doesn’t seem practical for most of us, does it? We’ll keep it simple and honest. Only you know the space you’re going to put the TV in. That’s why we advise most living rooms will be just fine with at least a 50” model. As we’ve already said, there’s no harm in treating yourself and going as big as you think your room can handle!

    TVs 55" and over

    TVs 43" - 54"