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Ceramic hob buying guide

Find out the top 5 things you need to know about ceramic hobs with this helpful guide.

Made with stylish and smooth glass surfaces and heat that conducts straight to the pan, ceramic hobs are a great addition to any kitchen. We’ve made sense of all the key features, from controls to timers, so you can find the perfect model for your needs.

Number of cooking zones

The more zones there are, the more you can cook in one go. We have compact models with 2 zones right up to larger models with 5. If you do a lot of home cooking, you’ll want a larger ceramic hob with 4 or 5 zones. The zones themselves come in different sizes, so you can use a range of pans and trays on each. Some models also feature dual zones, which combine two cooking areas to make room for those bigger pots and pans.

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Size and dimensions

The most important dimension to consider when you're shopping for a new ceramic hob is the width:

  • 55-60cm - 60cm is the standard width for hobs and should fit into most kitchens
  • 60-70cm - slightly larger than standard but will still fit into a 60cm space
  • 70-90cm - loads of cooking space, but you'll have to check that a hob this size will fit the area in your kitchen

Check out our handy built-in ceramic hobs measurement guide for more info.


Ceramic hobs are really simple to use, giving you a fuss-free way to cook. Models with classic rotary dials are easy for everyone to navigate. Touch control models are much more modern, mirroring the touch control that you use on your smartphone or tablet.

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When cooking a delicious meal from scratch, we all know timing is key. If you’ve got a lot of different elements in one meal, then timers will come in really handy. They’ll let you keep track of your cooking to ensure everything is cooked to perfection. Now you can finally get rid of that egg timer that’s been lurking in your kitchen…

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Residual heat indicators illuminate the hob to show you when the surface is too hot to touch, even when you’ve finished cooking. If you have little ones at home, keep an eye out for models that come with a child lock for extra peace of mind.