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    Chest freezer buying guide

    Five things you need to know about picking the perfect chest freezer.

    How big is a chest freezer?

    Larger than regular models, chest freezers store bulky items like big joints of meat or leftovers from last night’s feast. With plenty of space inside, you can stock up on your favourite meals – or just fill it with ice cream!

    Our range of chest freezers start at around 100 litres, enough room for 5 bags of shopping. If you’re after a lot of room, they go all the way up to a cavernous 500 litres or 27 bags – that’s a lot of leftover lasagne!

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    Can I store my chest freezer outside?

    A lot of people put their chest freezers inside their garage or an outbuilding as it can save a bunch of room inside the house. Some models work in colder environments so they’re perfect to withstand the harsh British weather.

    Our product pages will tell you if a chest freezer is suitable for outbuildings, or you can follow the handy link below.

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    What kind of features do chest freezers have?

    Our chest freezers are full of the latest technology to keep your meals tasting great. Fast freeze tech rapidly lowers the temperature when you put food in so it locks in nutrients quicker.

    Some models also have a warning light that tells you if it’s too warm or cold inside, so you can keep your food in prime condition. Plus, if you want to hide the ice cream, you can get a chest freezer with a child lock to keep those little ones away.

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    What is a counterbalanced lid?

    Like a lot of things in life, chest freezers are subject to gravity. Luckily, models with a counterbalanced lid defy Newton’s third law by safely propping the door up.

    You’ll be able to use both hands to lift out bulky items like the Sunday roast or root around for that ice cream. Plus, it’ll save effort when it comes to unloading your weekly shop.

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    Do chest freeze energy ratings matter?

    Your chest freezer works to keep your food fresh 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it's really important to choose an energy efficient model. Each freezer is given a rating from A+ down to B.

    Energy efficient models don't need as much electricity as other models, so they last longer, they're better for the environment and they save you a bit of money on your household bills.

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    Ready to go?

    Now that we’ve clued you up on chest freezers – and given you a little physics lesson too – we’ve got a couple more ideas to help out. We’ve put together a list of our Best Buys that showcase some amazing models. Or, if you’re still unsure, our ‘What is a chest freezer?’ guide has everything you need to know.