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    Choppers & grinders buying guide

    Find out the top 3 things you need to know when you’re buying a food chopper or grinder with this handy buying guide.

    Take the hard work out of food preparation with a chopper or a grinder. With a chopper, all your ingredients are taken care of in a flash, so you can wave goodbye to those tears you shed when you prepare onions by hand. If you want to join the homemade burger revolution or love to make your own salsas, relishes, jams and even baby food, then a grinder is perfect to help save you time in the kitchen.

    Size and capacity

    Choppers and grinders have quite modest capacities compared to food mixers or processors, and this makes them ideal if you only plan on using them to mix up a small amount of ingredients - a handful of vegetables or some herbs or nuts for example. It also means that they’re quite compact in terms of size as well, so they won’t take up much room on your kitchen counters and are really easy to store away. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, check out our buying guide for food processors.

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    Speed and power

    A wide range of speed settings allow you to control how fast or slow the appliance works to break down your ingredients. The more speeds you have to choose from, the more flexibility you have over the size, consistency and shape of what you’re chopping and grinding. If you like your peppers and tomatoes thick, go slow and for a fine grind of nuts or if you’re pureeing some food for the little ones, simply pick up the pace. Some models have a pulse function, this uses a quick burst of power to really break everything down – perfect if you’re breaking down some herbs and spices.

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    There are a handful of other functions that will help you to get the most out of your chopper or grinder. A one-touch operation makes the whole chopping process really easy and gives you complete control at your fingertips. If you’re the kind of person who is never quite sure if they’ve added enough ingredients, keep an eye out for a model with a compartment that allows you to add liquid while you’re still chopping. Perfect if you want to drop in some chilli oil to add that little bit of spice.

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