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    Coffee grinders & milk frothers buying guide

    Find out the top 5 things you need to consider when you’re buying a coffee grinder or a milk frother.

    Whether you’re a budding barista or a seasoned coffee lover, coffee grinders and milk frothers will take your drinks game to the next level. Grinders give you amazingly fresh coffee straight from the bean while milk frothers add that finishing touch to your latte, cappuccino or macchiato. We’ll take you through all the features and find the perfect products to suit your taste.

    Coffee grinders

    Good coffee starts with a good coffee bean. And the most practical way to make the most of the freshness and flavour that the bean provides is to grind your own coffee at home. If you normally buy pre-ground coffee, you’ll know that it tends to lose its flavour quite quickly. Buying beans and only grinding what you need puts you in control and gives you fresh, tasty and aromatic drinks every time.

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    Blade or burr

    Your ground coffee needs to have the right thickness to get the most out of your brewing method. The more control you have over the grind, the better. Burr and blade are the most common grinding methods and there are a couple of differences to consider:


    • Uses a grinding wheel or cone-shaped burr to smash beans.
    • Precise and time-controlled - gives a consistent grind every time.


    • Uses blades to chop and slice beans.
    • Needs to be manually monitored and timed to achieve a consistent grind.

    Type of grind

    Before you purchase a grinder, it’s good to know exactly what type of grind you can create and match that up to the brewing process you use at home. The wrong grind can affect how the hot water passes through your coffee and create a bitter taste. To make things simple, we’ve matched up each grind thickness with a brewing method:

    • Coarse – percolator or cafetière.
    • Medium – drip maker or pot.
    • Fine – espresso machine or stove top espresso/moka pot.

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    Grinding capacity

    Each grinder has a different bean capacity. It’s important to consider how much you can grind in one go when you’re choosing. If you like the idea of grinding several days’ worth of coffee in one go or you’re making drinks for the whole house, you’ll need a bigger capacity. To give you an idea, a grinder with room for 90g of beans will make around 12 cups. Not enough for you? Some of our bigger machines can handle up to 450g or a whopping 60 cups at one time - think how much easier Monday’s will be with all of that coffee!

    Milk Frothers

    Milk frothers let you add a stylish, professional touch to your favourite drinks. You simply put some fresh milk in the jug and use one of the heat settings to foam up a latte, transform your espresso into a frothy macchiato or heat through some fresh milk to liven up your instant coffee.  On some models, there’s even a cold milk option that is perfect for creating quick, easy and tasty milkshakes.

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