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Cooker Hood Buying Guide

You’ve got that brand spanking new oven and that fiery new hob too, now you’ll want a shiny cooker hood to complete your awesome kitchen set-up. But, like most things, there’s a whole lot of choice out there and it can be tricky finding the right one. This guide will help you get to grips with everything cooker hoods, so you can feel a little more confident when it comes to choosing.

What does a cooker hood do?

A cooker hood is an electric fan that sits above your hob and is tasked with removing smelly cooking odours, grease and moisture from your kitchen. There are a few things you’ll need to consider when buying a new cooker hood, from size and mounting points, to extraction method and the hot zone. Our handy video will give you a run through of everything you need to note.

Watch the video

Choose your fit

Integrated cooker hood


Built-in cooker hoods are small, compact and perfect for smaller kitchens. They’re usually built-in behind a kitchen wall cabinet so they can be tucked away when not in use. However, this does mean they’re not an ideal choice if you have a larger hob or kitchen, as it won’t be able to clear the air as quickly.

Visor cooker hood


A visor cooker hood is ideal for smaller kitchens. They’re one of the cheaper types of cooking hoods and will fit in easily at a right angle on your kitchen wall for a neat and tidy finish.

Canopy cooker hood


Similar to built-in and visor hoods, canopy hoods, or telescopic, are a good fit if you have limited space. Some models even have an extendable telescopic section which can cover larger hobs.

Chimney cooker hood


Chimney cooker hoods give your kitchen that traditional look. They vary in size so you can get the perfect fit for your kitchen, no matter what size it is. For the best results, always make sure that the hood you buy is the same size or larger than your hob.

Ceiling cooker hood

Ceiling hoods

These nifty hoods sit flush with your ceiling, meaning they’re well out the way if you prefer that minimal clean look. Coming in various sizes, you’ll also have no problem finding the right fit for your kitchen.

Island cooker hood


Island cooker hoods are the perfect fit if your hob is installed on a kitchen island. These high-end hobs hang from the ceiling above your hob for a stylish and striking look. They’re usually quite large too, meaning they can keep those big open-plan kitchens completely smoke and odour free.

Downdraft cooker hood


Want that minimalist look for your kitchen? Then a downdraft extractor hood might be for you. One of the more expensive models, these hoods hide beneath your worktop when not in use and rise at the touch of a button when called upon. The future is here.

Vented hob with hood built in

Venting Hob

A venting hob is an induction or ceramic hob with a built-in extractor fan in the centre. This type of hob is perfect if you’re thinking about placing it on a kitchen island as you won’t need an extractor hood over the top.

It’s handy to know that because of the built-in extractor fan, you can’t install a venting hob above an oven, as you’ll need space below the counter for all the bits and pieces to go.

How to measure

Cooker Hood Measurement Guide

Make sure that new cooker hood fits perfectly in your kitchen

Find out more

Key Features

Extraction speeds

This is the speed at which the cooker hood can extract the air. Most hoods have at least three speeds, ranging from a gentle extraction for boiling pasta to an intense speed that’ll keep up with that sizzling steak.

Quiet settings

If you’ve got an open plan kitchen and living area, then you won’t want a loud cooker hood. Thankfully, a lot of models have a quiet setting, like Bosch’s ecosilence drive, which keeps the noise to a minimum, so you can enjoy that Saturday night movie.

Hob to hood connection

Some of the more high-end hoods can work in tandem with your hob through the WiFi. This means that the hood will automatically adapt its settings to match that of the hob for smoke free cooking. It’s worth noting that this feature will only work with a compatible hob.

LED lighting

Let there be light! Most hoods have LED lights that when turned on will light up your hob, so you can see every bit of those culinary masterpieces. They use much less energy than halogen bulbs and can last up to 10 times longer.

Auto timer

Some dishes like that spicy curry will take a little longer to air out. The auto timer feature lets you set how long you want your hood to stay on for, so you can enjoy your meal while your hood takes care of your kitchen.

Power boost

Pan frying up a batch of steaks and need that extra bit of fan power? Some models will have a handy power boost feature that’ll crank it up to make your kitchen smoke free in no time.

Smart features

Hob to hood isn’t the only smart feature you’ll find on cooker hoods. A lot of modern models can now be controlled directly via your phone on a special app, so you can change the settings right from the palm of your hand.


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