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    DAB radio buying guide

    Here are the 5 most important things to think about when buying a new DAB radio.

    DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) has transformed radio completely, with FM and AM channels now broadcast digitally for vastly improved sound quality and reception. Our handy guide will help you to choose which features are most important when buying a DAB Radio.

    What's so good about DAB?

    If you’re still using a standard radio, you need to have a good memory to remember the bandwidth numbers. You’ll still get FM and AM stations with a DAB radio, but everything is listed alphabetically to make it much easier to find your preferred shows, or you can choose your own order with some models. You’re also missing out on loads of digital radio stations that don’t broadcast on standard FM and AM, with hundreds of channels packed with music, talk shows and sport.

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    Sound quality and output

    DAB quality is incredible to start with and doesn’t suffer from the interference that standard FM radios come with, but DAB+ takes things to the next level with amazing clarity. This format improves DAB even further, making it sound like the radio show is being broadcast from your home! Look out for speaker power (Watts) too – the higher the Watts, the bigger the sound.

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    Battery life

    Many DAB radios have the option to run from a battery as well as a power cable, so you can take your radio on that family picnic or day at the beach. If you’re looking for a bit of background music in the shed, then a 10 hour battery should be enough, but for that 3 day music festival you might want to consider something with more capacity.

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    Additional features

    Lots of DAB radios are more than just a radio. Keep an eye out for models with a built in alarm, so you can wake up (or snooze) to your favourite station. You can also find out who sings that new song if your radio has an LCD screen, as DAB stations can display song titles and artist names along with the music itself. A great feature to look out for is the option to stream your own music via Bluetooth, turning your digital radio into a wireless speaker.

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    Shape and style

    With a huge range of shapes, sizes and styles, DAB radios will always beat that boring, black plastic FM model in your kitchen. With subtle curves and edges, to retro wood effects and a massive selection of colours, your DAB radio can really enhance any room in your home.

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