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Freestanding dishwasher buying guide

On the lookout for a new freestanding dishwasher? Our buying guide has the top five features that deserve your attention.

What size dishwasher do I need?

We measure dishwashers by place settings so it’s important to think about your family size when buying a new one. Plus, if you like to wow guests with incredible food, larger models will wash those empty plates in no time.

Slimline dishwashers are 45cm wide and perfect if you’re a bit short on kitchen space, with enough room for 9-10 place settings. Full- size dishwashers will fit at least 12 sets – making it easy if you have some surprise guests coming over for Sunday dinner.

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What are flexible dishwasher baskets?

Of course you’re not just washing up plates, you’ll have larger dishes to deal with too. Dishwashers with flexible racks and baskets let you create more room and make it super easy to clean casserole dishes, woks and pots.

Some larger models will also let you wash up really big items, like oven trays. Put those marigolds back in the cupboards and let your dishwasher do the hard work!

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Are there different dishwasher wash cycles?

Sometimes, regular washes just don’t cut the mustard when getting rid of stubborn stains and burnt on food. Look out for models that have a pre-rinse cycle, which loosens any leftovers so it’s easier to clean in the main wash.

Pre-rinse models

How noisy is a dishwasher?

If your home is open plan, you’ll want to stick with a dishwasher that’s as quiet as a mouse. Luckily, none of our models are too loud, ranging from 36 to about 54 decibels.

Some dishwashers also come with really quiet cycles that you can put on overnight and they won’t make a peep! Perfect for getting that all-important beauty sleep.

Do dishwasher energy ratings matter?

Dishwashers are already more efficient than cleaning by hand as they use less water, but keep an eye out for models with a higher energy rating. They cost less throughout the year, so they save money on household bills.

Each model is rated from a super-efficient A+++ down to A and some dishwashers even come with intelligent tech that perfectly measures out the right amount of water for every cycle. This way, you don’t waste any water or energy, and still get the best clean possible.

A++ models

Ready to go?

So do you feel like you’re ready to choose the perfect dishwasher? We’ve handpicked some of our top dishwashers in our Best Buys for you to have a gander at, or you can take a look at the latest tech with our Premium Best Buys. Once you’ve chosen your next dishwasher, our handy measurement guide will help make sure it fits perfectly in your home.