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    Food processors buying guide

    Pick out the right model with these five handy features.

    What size food processors can you get?

    Our food processors range from 0.5 to 4 litres. Larger models fit more ingredients inside so whether you’re whipping up a solo banquet or for a group feast, you’ll find the perfect thing for your tasty meals.

    Food processors

    What tools do you get with a food processor?

    Food processors are handy gadgets to have because they use all kinds of attachments. Standard tools slice and dice your ingredients how you want, dough hooks mix to perfection, and julienne blades cut veg into shapes the kids might eat. 

    Some models even come with special attachments that easily grind up nuts, herbs and spices - perfect for heating up curries or making homemade nut butters. You can easily find out what tools and accessories your food processor comes with - just check out the 'What's In The Box' section when you're looking at a product.

    Are food processors easy to clean?

    After making nut butters, sauces and all kinds of different dishes in a food processor, cleaning each part can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, plenty of food processors are dishwasher safe, so it’ll be a breeze to get every last bit squeaky clean.

    Dishwasher safe models

    What colours do food processors come in?

    We’ve got a wide variety of different styles and colours, so you can pick one that’s easy on the eye, from classically retro to sleek and modern. Plus, there’s a whole palette of amazing colours, like eye-popping reds to pastel pinks.

    How powerful are food processors?

    Food processors have different power levels, measured in Watts, which are perfect for different ingredients. We stock models ranging from 240 to 2000 Watts, with low power models ideal for chopping and slicing fruit and veg while higher settings are sure to crack any tough nuts!

    Food processors

    Ready to go?

    Now that you’re all clued up on what makes a food processor great, check out our range of Best Buys. We’ve handpicked these models and we think they’re ace. If you’re still not sure, we’ve got a guide on the most common food processor attachments and what they do, so you can figure out exactly what you’re going to make first. Or, our article on the differences between food processors and food mixers will help you decide which kitchen gadget will be your best baking bud.