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    Gaming monitor buying guide

    The top 5 features to look out for when buying a new a gaming monitor.

    To get the most out of your games, you’ll need a fantastic monitor that adds realism to every image. There are quite a few things to look out for when buying a new monitor, from the quality of the screen to how quickly it performs. Our handy guide will help you find the perfect partner for your desktop.

    Type of gaming monitors

    When it comes to gaming, you need a serious monitor that takes your experience to the next level. Large screen monitors are great if you want big screen magic with lots of detail, while wide monitors help you see more of your surroundings, so you never miss a beat of your favourite games. If you’re after true immersion, a curved monitor is the way to go. They’re designed to fill your natural field of vision, surrounding you with incredible graphics. So, whether you’re zipping down the race track or getting a good view of the battlefield, you’ll feel like you’re really there.

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    Screen quality

    Now that you’ve decided what type of gaming monitor you want, it’s time to choose the quality. Most models have Full HD as standard, but an Ultra HD screen will really enhance your experience. You’ll get an amazingly clear picture that really draws you in. If you want to get a curved monitor, look out for models with WQHD. This resolution is specially designed to give you a picture that’s perfect for wider screens and bursting with incredible detail.

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    Response time and refresh rate

    You’ll need a monitor that pairs a fast response time with a high refresh rate to swiftly deal with your opponents. The response time is how long it takes for the screen to update individual pixels with new colours. 8 milliseconds is the standard for a computer monitor, but some gaming monitors go all the way down to a super-fast 1 millisecond. Quicker response times give you the edge when gaming and you'll be treated to really slick visuals. The refresh rate is the number of times the image on screen changes in a second, and higher rates, like 144Hertz (Hz), mean less flickering between frames. This will give your games a more realistic touch, meaning you can stay focused when it really matters.

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    FreeSync Vs. G-Sync?

    In order to display incredible visuals with ease, your monitor will need a bit of help. It will come with either G-Sync or FreeSync technology, which act as the bridge between the monitor and the graphics card. These adaptive sync technologies help to reduce image stuttering and deliver smooth visuals so you don’t miss a thing. They both work in similar ways but you’ll need to pair them with the right kind of graphics card if you want the best results. Models with G-Sync are more suited to graphics cards from NVIDIA, while FreeSync works best with AMD.

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    Get a computer to match

    Even if you’re kitted out with the most amazing monitor, you’ll need the perfect computer to form the ultimate gaming duo. A gaming desktop with a good quality graphics card, a speedy processor and plenty of RAM will give your games gob-smacking detail. If you have a gaming laptop but still want an immersive experience at home, you can still buy a separate monitor and connect it via an HDMI cable. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite games on a bigger screen for those all night gaming sessions.

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