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    Heat pump tumble dryer buying guide

    Pick out the perfect model with these 5 features.

    We'll show you how to choose a new heat pump tumble dryer with these five features.

    What is a heat pump tumble dryer?

    Heat pump tumble dryers use hot air to collect moisture from your clothing, passing it through a number of filters. The hot air is reused, meaning these tumble dryers use a lot less energy than other models.

    Heat pump models use lower temperatures than other tumble dryers so they're kinder to everything you dry. This does mean that heat pump models do take slightly longer to dry your clothes, but it’s worth the wait for those stunningly soft sheets.

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    What size tumble dryer should I get?

    If you’re drying items like towels and bedding, you’ll need a tumble dryer big enough to handle large loads. Models with an 8kg drum or larger give your fabrics more room to dry, so they won’t come out all creased!

    You'll also need to think about where your new heat pump tumble dryer is going to live. It won't heat up as quickly if it's in a cold garage or outdoor space. We'd recommend keeping it in a warm room inside the house, so it works as efficiently as possible.

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    What do the heat pump sensors do?

    Most of our heat pump models have sensors that make doing the laundry super easy. They weigh your clothes to set the perfect drying time. Nothing is over dried, so it comes out as fresh as the day you bought it.

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    Do heat pump energy ratings matter?

    Heat pump tumble dryers are given an energy efficiency rating from A to A+++. These tell you how much they cost to run each year, with A+++ models saving you more money on your household bills than others.

    Since heat pump tumble dryers reuse energy, you end up helping the environment with every laundry day too. Isn’t that nice?

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    Any extra features?

    These planet saving appliances have nifty features like anti-crease cycles which cut down time with the iron. Plus, wool cycles take special care of those woolly jumpers Grandma knits for you – so it’s in perfect condition for when she visits.

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    Ready to go?

    Now that you're all clued up on how to choose your appliance, we've got another idea to find your perfect match. Our list of Premium Best Buys show you our absolute favourite models out there at the moment, so you can be sure you’re getting a great product at an unbeatable price.