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Home cinema buying guide

Choose the right model with our helpful guide.

Looking for epic surround sound and some blasting bass? Take a look at the five things you need to know about when buying a home cinema system.

What is the sound quality like on a home cinema system?

Home cinema systems makes you feel like you’re at the pictures. The extra speakers are designed to give an added sense of depth to your TV, hugging you with immersive surround sound.

Whatever you watch, you’ll be engrossed like never before. Hear every grumble as cars rev up for a fast and furious chase scene or listen to every note and feel part of the crowd in the greatest show.

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How many speakers come with a home cinema system?

Most of our home cinema systems have 5.1 surround sound, which gives you five speaker and one subwoofer for some booming bass. You’ve got three speakers to go at the front of your TV, with the other two behind you.

As for the subwoofer, the ideal location can vary. We’d recommend trying it out in different places and see what’s best. The surround sound means you’ll be even more immersed in action-packed blockbusters and even the back of the sofa won’t be safe for any horror film fanatics.

How do I connect a home cinema system?

Home cinema systems are usually pretty simple to set up. You'll need an HDMI slot to connect to your TV and few extra plug sockets for some of the speakers.

You can get some models that offer a wireless connection between the speakers at the front and the ones at the rear. So you won't have to trip over wires all over your living room.

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Do home cinema systems have smart features?

TVs aren’t the only ones with smart tricks up their sleeves. Similar to digital set top boxes, there’s a whole world of catch-up TV, streaming and music services to use from your home cinema system.

The home cinema system surround sound means you can get stuck in to the latest films and TV shows, or upgrade your New Year’s bash with the latest tunes.

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Can I play my Blu-ray discs on a home cinema system?

Quick answer? Yes, home cinema systems can play your favourite Blu-ray discs as well as standard DVDs. Since most models also have a range of smart features, everything comes in one box and there’s less clutter underneath your TV.

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Ready to go?

Now that you’re all clued up on home cinema systems, check out our range. Or, if you don’t have enough room but still want to give your TV a serious sound-based upgrade, see our selection of soundbars.