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    Integrated fridge buying guide

    Here are the top 5 things you should look out for when buying a brand new integrated fridge.

    Whether you’re looking for an integrated fridge that fits under your kitchen worktop or one that fits inside a tall cabinet, there are plenty of things to think about. Our helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know about the essentials like capacity, energy rating, handy storage options and fantastic tech that will keep your food and drinks cool and fresh.

    The perfect fit

    There are two kinds of integrated fridges:

    • Under counter models are built-under your kitchen worktops
    • Integrated upright fridges fit inside taller cabinets

    Measuring up for a new model is really simple. Most under counter and upright cabinets have the same width of 60cm and depth of 55cm - so the main measurement you'll need to check is the height. If you’re replacing an old appliance, simply measure from the top to the bottom of your fridge for the height. You can also take a look at our integrated fridge measurement guide for more information.


    The capacity of integrated fridges is measured in litres, with 18 litres being representative of one full bag of shopping. This means a model with 100 litres will give you enough room to store around 5 full bags of food shopping. If you have a big, hungry household, or like to stock up on lots of fresh food, make sure you buy a model with a capacity that can satisfy those hungry bellies!

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    Energy rating

    Integrated fridges have an energy rating from A++ to A, which tells you how efficient that model is, with A++ being the highest. The better the rating, the more economical it will be. So choose an A++ model if you want an integrated fridge that will be kinder to your energy bills.


    If you like to keep your fridge beautifully organised, there are lots of storage options to keep your eyes peeled for. Some models have compartments for your meat and fish so they’re kept at the perfect temperature and stay full of flavour. Others have special crisper drawers that keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. And if you want to keep your favourite bubbly safe from being knocked over, choose a model with a handy wine rack.

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    Extra features

    There is some amazing technology that can help your weekly shop go that little bit further. Look out for special air-flow technology that circulates air evenly around the cabinet to keep your food fresh and reduce waste. A number of integrated fridges prevent the build-up of mould with an anti-bacterial lining, which helps protect your favourite food. Some fridges also have an auto defrost setting, which stops ice from forming on the walls. This makes maintenance super-easy, as you’ll never have to defrost.

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