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    Irons buying guide

    Check out the top 5 things you need to know when buying an iron with our helpful guide.

    Finding the right iron can help you to save time when you’re working through that pile of laundry. The type of iron you buy will depend on how much you use it. Whether you just need to keep your work clothes nice and neat or you’re ironing for the whole family, there’s an iron that will do the job just for you.

    Steam irons

    Traditional steam irons moisten and relax your clothes as they glide over them, making it much easier to remove creases. An iron with a high steam output means easier and quicker ironing. Also, a high wattage and the ability to generate and manage heat well will increase the impact of the iron’s steaming power. Steam irons are ideal if you are tackling smaller laundry piles or prefer to iron as you go.

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    Steam generator irons

    As we’ve already mentioned, a high steam output will banish those creases. Steam generator irons have built-in boilers that produce high-pressure steam, making them perfect for busy households. Or, if you simply want to blast through your laundry in half the time, these are the irons for you. Non-pressurised models produce twice as much steam as a regular iron for fast results. As do pressurised models, but they release the steam at a higher rate of pressure, helping to remove even the most stubborn folds and creases in one glide.

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    The soleplate is in direct contact with your clothes, so it’s really important to have a good quality model. The best soleplates distribute heat and steam evenly and glide over fabrics with ease.

    • Aluminium – Conducts heat well but is hard to clean and scratches easily.
    • Ceramic – high quality non-stick surface, effectively distributes steam and glides smoothly
    • Stainless steel – distributes heat evenly, glides smoothly but can scratch over zips and buttons
    • Palladium – scratch-resistant, non-stick.

    Steam ouput

    Can’t see through the steam? Let us try and make sense of the different types of steam output for you:

    • Continuous – relaxes fabrics constantly, making it easier to do the ironing.
    • Burst – a quick release of steam that is really effective when it comes to stubborn creases.
    • Variable – allows you to control the level of steam for each fabric.
    • Vertical – ideal for suits, dresses and other delicate or hanging fabrics, even your curtains!

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    Other features

    An anti-limescale feature will prevent scale build-up in your steam or steam generator iron, helping it last for much longer. If you’re all about saving time, keep an eye out for irons with a continuous fill system. This allows you to top the iron up with water while it’s still on. Some irons come with handy pre-set programmes which set the temperature for you based on the fabric you are ironing – genius!