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    Juicers buying guide

    Here are five things to think about when buying a new juicer.

    What size juicer is right for me?

    Our juicers come in a variety of sizes, starting at around 1 litre. Larger models, up to 5 litres in size, have more room for ingredients to create delicious fruit juices. Keep an eye out for wide feed chutes too, as these can easily juice larger fruit and veg with ease. Plus, it saves chopping time!


    What is a slow juicer?

    Sometimes called cold-press or masticating juicers, these are proof that good things take time. They squeeze and press the juice out of your fruit and veg to get every last bit of goodness out. Perfect for small fruits or berries, they’re also really handy with tougher ingredients like spinach, kale and wheatgrass.

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    What is a fast juicer?

    Fast juicers – or centrifugal juicers – use powerful blades to slice and dice your fruit and veg with no fuss. The ingredients quickly get shredded and separated from any pulp, leaving you with a delicious drink in no time. So even if you’re in a rush before you head to work, you’ll always have time to get your 5-a-day off to a great start!

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    Is it easy to clean a juicer?

    A lot of juicers have dishwasher safe parts so they’re easy to take apart and there’s less work for you to do. If you’re facing really stubborn bits of food, some models come with a brush that let you scrub away tough stains ready for the next batch of deliciousness!

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    What about all the waste?

    Most of our juicers separate all the pulp from your fruit, veg and nuts but that doesn’t mean it has to go to waste. Models with a built-in pulp container let curious cooks thicken up soups and sauces or green-thumbed gardeners pop it on the compost pile.

    Ready to go?

    Now that you’re all clued up on how to pick out the right kind of juicer, we’ve got a few ideas on what to do next. If you want a bit more information, we’ve got handy guides explaining everything you need to know about slow juicers and fast juicers. Or, if you’re not sure that a juicer is right for you, maybe a blender is more to your taste? Take a look at this article about the differences between juicers and blenders, and we’ll help you make a decision.