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    Computer mouse buying guide

    The 5 most important things to look out for when buying a computer mouse.

    From super-sleek gaming mice to something that helps make homework and web browsing a bit easier, there are plenty of amazing, specialised features so you can get the most out of your mouse. Our handy buying guide tells you the most important things to look out for.

    Wired or Wireless?

    Not all mice need a wire, with Bluetooth often used to connect to computers or even tablets. Buying a wireless mouse means you won’t have to deal with wires trailing across your workspace, but you will have to remember to charge or change the batteries every now and again. Wireless mice are very handy if you use a computer as an entertainment device though, as you can select your next film without having to go anywhere near your computer!

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    Tracking technology

    Modern mice use a number of different technologies to control the cursor. The most common are laser and optical. Both options are fine for working and browsing, but gamers might want to look at laser mice. These mice use a different laser light to allow even more control and faster reactions to hand movements, giving you the edge over the competition.

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    Additional buttons

    All mice will come with at least 3 buttons – left for selecting, right for menu options, and a scroll wheel for reading web pages or zooming. Some mice will have additional side buttons, or even triggers designed for design, gaming and quicker access to certain software. For gamers, you can now buy mice that allow you to reduce or increase mouse sensitivity, or even have a number pad on the side so you don’t need to stretch your fingers across the keypad.

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    Gaming mice

    As well as the great features we’ve already mentioned, gaming mice are usually a lot different to the kind of mouse you’d use for working or surfing the net. As well as sleek designs and lightweight builds that make them moving around a lot easier, gaming mice are usually a lot more responsive and use cutting-edge technology to improve how the cursor reacts on screen. Some gaming mice even use customisable lighting, which can help you see buttons easier in dark rooms, or just let you tailor your mouse to your style.

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    Adjustable DPI

    Adjustable DPI allows you to change mouse sensitivity depending on the type of program you’re using. This isn’t just useful for certain games, but it’s also handy for working with design software like Photoshop. You should think about buying a mouse with adjustable DPI if you plan on playing the latest titles or designing your next masterpiece.

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