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Range cooker buying guide

Here are five things you should know when it comes to choose a range cooker.

Here are five features you need to look out for when buying a range cooker.

How big is a range cooker?

Range cookers are generously sized appliances with loads of room for big, hearty meals and you'll need one that fits in your kitchen. Ranging from 90cm to 110cm, bigger models give you more flexibility to cook several dishes at once.

We've got a helpful measurement guide so you can make sure your kitchen is ready for one of these huge cooking appliances. Try not to get distracted thinking about those amazing roasts you'll cook up whilst you’re measuring ok?

100 cm models

What kind of range cookers are there?

Range cookers aren't just for quaint cottages, there are loads of styles that will fit in any modern kitchen. Choose from a range of colours, from a bold red or retro cream to modern graphite or black finish.

We also stock a range of different fuel types to power your range cooker. Whether you've got electric, gas or a combination of both in your kitchen, you'll be able to find a perfect model for you. Plus, we also have some models that are LPG-convertible, in case you can't get a gas supply where you live - just check the Key Information when looking at a range cooker on our site.

Dual fuel models

How can I clean my range cooker?

Ditch the marigolds and forget about scrubbing until your arms hurt. A lot of range cookers have fancy features and tech that makes cleaning a doddle, like smooth, shiny enamel interiors that make it really easy to wipe away grease.

Other range cookers have pyrolytic cleaning functions that use high temperatures to turn leftover bits of food to ash, or catalytic liners that absorb debris to burn it away while you cook. You just need to wipe away the bottom of the cavity and you're good to go. Easy!

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What cooking features can I get with my range cooker?

Our spacious range cookers have everything you need for traditional cooking and baking, but some models can get a bit more experimental. Keep your eyes peeled for cookers that use steam, which helps to lock in vital nutrients for delicious tasting meat and fish. Or if you ever need to bring the BBQ indoors, rotisserie roasting will help to perfect the Sunday dinner.

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Do range cooker energy ratings matter?

Each range cooker is given an energy efficiency rating from A+ down to B, with A+ being the most efficient. These ratings tell you how much power they use, so your model can save a few quid on your household bills and help out the environment too.

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Ready to go?

Once you’ve chosen your new range cooker, we can help you make sure it’ll fit in your home with our handy measurement guide. Or, if you need a bit more information about these huge cooking appliances, we’ve got a handy guide on the different fuel types available and we also break down all the confusing gas installation jargon.