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    Smart Heating Buying Guide

    Get the perfect smart heating solution for your home with our handy buying guide.

    With smart heating solutions you can make heating schedules, connect to other smart gadgets in your home and save money on your household bills. We’ve picked out the best features that will help you create an incredibly cosy atmosphere.

    What does a smart thermostat control?

    Smart thermostats create the perfect climate at home, but you need a model that will work with your boiler.

    If you’ve got a boiler with a separate water tank or underfloor heating, check the product specifications to make sure it will work in your home.

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    Setting up a schedule

    Timers and schedules are the perfect way to make sure your home is nice and cosy whenever you need it to be. Whether you’re getting home from work or waking up for some breakfast, you’ll get the perfect temperature every time.

    Some models even learn about your habits the more you use them. Lower the temperature every night when you go to bed, and your smart thermostat will do it automatically after a few days. They can also tell when you’ve left the house, so it’ll turn the heating down and save you a bit of money on your bills. It’s here to help!

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    Can my smart thermostat connect to other smart gadgets?

    Smart thermostats will fit right in with the other smart gadgets around the house. Smart speakers let you control the temperature with your voice, while they also tell you if your smart smoke alarm detects any dangers.

    You can even connect a smart thermostat to a motion sensor to create quick ways to heat your home. It can turn the temperature up as soon as you open the front door, or lower it if you open a window. There are loads of possibilities and you can tailor it to your lifestyle.

    What is a smart radiator valve?

    Smart radiator valves are perfect if you don’t have a boiler but still want to remotely control your heating from your phone. Simply attach these clever things to a radiator and make your house a warm and comfy home.

    Like the smart thermostats, you can use these products to create a schedule so your heating is only on when you want it to be. Some models can even use the weather forecast to set the perfect temperature. Plus, with smart speaker support, you’ll be able to control these products with a simple command.

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