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    Smart Speakers Buying Guide

    Keep an eye out for these 4 features when you’re on the hunt for a new smart speaker.

    Smart speakers are becoming more popular, and they’re quickly getting smarter. We’ve picked out 4 things to look out for when choosing the perfect model, from how good your favourite music sounds to how you can use it to control your smart home.

    What is a smart speaker?

    Smart speakers, like Google Home and the Apple HomePod, are powered by virtual assistants that respond to your voice commands. Just ask a question, and you get an answer in seconds!

    These clever little doodads are designed to help you out with loads of little everyday tasks. As well as playing music, smart speakers can help make shopping lists, keep track of your calendar, call your mates and loads more.

    Smart assistant

    The main feature of a smart speaker is the virtual assistant that will respond to your voice commands. Each brand has their own version that work in slightly different ways.

    Two of the big players are the Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Google speakers are like your own personal search engine and can look for new recipes, flight information and basically anything else! Siri, on the other hand, specialises in getting to know you better. It can learn about your taste in music and suggest ideas for your next favourite album.

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    What can I connect my smart speaker to?

    Smart speakers aren’t just vast libraries of knowledge, they can also interact with other smart gadgets around the home. They can control your lights, thermostat and even some TVs.

    If you’re decking out your home in all things smart, look out for products that mention they’re compatible with Google Home or Apple HomePod. More and more products are getting this smart functionality, so it won’t be long until your whole house is powered by just your voice.

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    Sound quality

    For the audiophiles out there, look out for smart speakers that promise top quality sound. These offer the same smart tech as other models, but also feature crystal clear audio that’s perfect for listening to your favourite tunes.

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    Other smart speakers

    If you’re looking for something with super sharp audio, some wireless speakers have Google Assistant built-in. These models have all the amazing technology from a smart speaker, paired with incredible technology from some of the biggest audio companies out there.

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