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Tumble dryer buying guide

Check out the top 5 things you need to know when you’re shopping for a new tumble dryer with our helpful guide.

There’s lots of things to think about before buying a new tumble dryer. From choosing the right drum size to suit your laundry routine, to picking a model with lots of handy programmes, you need to find the perfect one for you. Our handy buying guide will give you all the information you need before you start shopping, so you’ll be able to make laundry days totally effortless.

Heat pump, condenser or vented?

When you’re looking for a new tumble dryer, there are three different types to choose from – heat pump, condenser or vented.

  • Heat pump tumble dryers work by recycling hot air created inside the drum to dry clothes, which makes them really efficient. This saves a lot more energy, but programmes may take a little longer to dry laundry, so bear this in mind when you’re shopping.
  • Condenser tumble dryers work by removing moisture from your clothes and storing it in a removable tank. This kind of dryer is ideal if you can’t vent the moisture outside of your home using a hose, but you will need to empty the tank after each cycle ends.
  • Vented tumble dryers work by removing moisture from your clothes and expelling it outside of your home through a vent. They come with a long hose to help you do this, but you may need to install it if you want to vent the moisture out through a wall.


Our tumble dryers come in a range of different drum sizes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one to suit you. Larger drums give laundry more room to tumble during a cycle, which prevents creases from forming in clothes and helps everything to dry properly. If you live in a large household or simply don’t want to spend too long on the ironing, look for larger models with a 9kg drum or above. If you prefer to save energy on laundry days, or live in a smaller household, a 6kg or 7kg drum will be better suited to you.

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Energy rating

Tumble dryers have energy ratings that range from A+++ to C. This refers to how efficient the machine is, so the higher the rating, the more energy you’ll save with each cycle. This means the more economical your machine is, the kinder it will be to the environment and your utility bills. Heat pump tumble dryers are the most efficient, as they recycle heat created inside the drum to dry clothes. So, if you’re really energy-conscious, look out for these models when you’re shopping.

Drying programmes

Tumble dryers are packed with lots of brilliant programmes to help you get the most out of your machine. You can spend less time behind the ironing board with anti-crease programmes, protect your delicates with gentle programmes that slowly tumble laundry, and even remove irritants and bacteria from your clothes with anti-allergy programmes. Every machine has different cycles, so make sure you pick one with the kind of programmes that will help make laundry days easier for you.

Extra features

As well as lots of helpful programmes, tumble dryers have a range of extra features that will make your laundry pile even more manageable. Models with sensor drying technology are extremely efficient, as they use sensors to work out the perfect drying time for each load and automatically stop the cycle when everything’s dry – so you’ll never waste energy. Some models have specially designed drums to help protect clothes too, as their clever paddles gently tumble laundry to prevent snagging and heat damage. Look for models with automatic cool down phases as well, as they blast your laundry with cool air at the end of a cycle to make sure it’s not too hot when you come to unload it.

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