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Washer dryers buying guide

Check out the top 5 things you need to know when you’re on the hunt for a new washer dryer with our helpful guide.

There’s lots of things to consider before buying a new washer dryer. From finding the right drum size to suit the amount of laundry you do, to choosing a model with the most useful wash cycles, you need to find the perfect one for your needs. Our handy buying guide is full of useful information to help you pick the right model, so tackling that never-ending laundry pile will be totally effortless.


Washer dryers have two capacities – a washing capacity and a drying capacity. Typically the drying capacity will be slightly smaller than the wash capacity, so you’ll need to bear this in mind when you’re searching for the right one to suit your laundry routine. If you prefer to do several small loads throughout the week, a smaller 6kg drum will be the best option for you. If you live in a larger household or simply like to tackle a mountain of laundry in one go, a large 10kg drum or above will let you wash more at once.

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Spin speed

Spin speed refers to how fast the drum moves when it’s washing your clothes. Our washer dryers range from 1200rpm to 1600rpm – which lets you know how many times the drum spins per minute. A higher spin speed gets rid of more water at the end of a wash, so your clothes won’t take as long to dry. Most machines let you adjust the spin speed to suit different items - for example, if you’re washing fabrics like silk and wool, you should choose a lower spin speed to avoid damaging delicate items. If you’re washing heavy bath towels or fabrics like denim, a faster spin speed will better suit the load.

Wash programmes

Washer dryers have lots of brilliant wash programmes to help make laundry days easier. You can keep your favourite knitted scarves and jumpers looking like new with dedicated wool programmes, as they wash at slower spin speeds. You can protect your delicate items with hand wash only programmes too, and even give your little ones’ clothes a hygienic clean with special baby programmes. They also have programmes that target really stubborn stains, so you’ll never have to worry if you spill a little red wine on your favourite shirt, or panic if the kids come in from playing in the garden covered in grass stains.

Drying programmes

Washer dryers have lots of fantastic drying programmes to help leave your clothes perfectly dry and looking like new. You can save time on the ironing with handy anti-crease programmes, protect your favourite knitted items with wool programmes that gently tumble clothes, or use clever refresh programmes to keep everything smelling lovely and fresh. A lot of washer dryers have sensor drying features too, which use sensors to work out the ideal drying time for each load. This makes sure you never waste energy, and it protects your favourite items from damage caused by over-drying.

Energy rating

Washer dryers have energy ratings that range from A to C. This refers to how efficient your machine is, so the higher the rating, the more energy you’ll save with each cycle. This means a rating of A or B will be more economical to run, which makes it kinder to the environment and your utility bills.

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