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Washing machine buying guide

The top 5 features to blitz through that laundry pile.

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Mountain of laundry piling up? We’ll show you how to choose the perfect washing machine.

How big should my washing machine be?

Size matters with washing machines, so you’ll need to know how big a model you want. Drum capacity varies between different models with 10-13kg appliances perfect for large families, while 7-9kg ones are more suited to medium-sized households.

If you want a little laundry tip, it’s important that there’s plenty of room left once your clothes are in. This means your laundry will have loads of room to tumble about, giving them a better overall clean. So if you’ve got loads of laundry to get through every week, it’s best opting for a model with a bigger drum capacity.

7-9kg models

10+kg models

What spin speed should my new washing machine have?

Spin speed is measured in rpm, and it tells you how many times the washing machine drum spins in one minute. Most models spin at 1200rpm, but some reach up to 1600rpm.

If you’re anything like us and watch your washing machine go round and round, you’ll know that some clothes actually benefit from being spun faster. Models with a higher spin speed shake more moisture out, so they’re perfect for thick towels and you won’t end up with soaked socks. Plus, you can always turn the spin speed down to wash delicates, so you’re in control of whatever you’re washing.

Up to 1200rpm

1500rpm and above

Do washing machine energy ratings matter?

All our washing machines have an energy rating between A and A+++ and the letters refer to how efficient it is throughout the year, with A+++ being the best.

Washing machines that are more efficient use less electricity to wash your clothes, leaving you with lower bills, and more money for family days out. They’re also kinder to the environment, so you’ll be giving Mother Nature a hand with every wash.

A++ and above

What wash programmes are there?

Washing machines are full of different cycles to take care of all your clothing. Whether you’re an athlete showing grass and mud the red card, or allergy sufferers keeping the sneezes at bay, there’s something for every occasion.

But wait, there’s more! Quick washes can refresh your favourite outfit in under half an hour (some machines even have tech that automatically washes faster, like Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology), while wool and cotton programmes help you stay all warm inside on lazy days in. You really are spoilt for choice. You’ll find a list of programmes under Product Specification when you’re looking at products on our site, so keep an eye out!

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Any extra features?

Our range of washing machines is full of tech to make your laundry routine super simple. From easy iron functions for wrinkle-free shirts, to quiet motors perfect for open-plan living, or Samsung’s innovative AddWash™ door that lets you add forgotten items into the machine during the wash cycle, there’s something to appeal to everyone.

You can even get your hands on models with built-in WiFi control. You’ll be able to control your washing machine on the way to work, while you’re out and about or just chilling on the sofa with your feet up!

Smart washing machines

Ready to go?

Now that you're all clued up on how to choose your washing machine, we've got a few more ideas to find your perfect match. Take a look at some special tech that helps you care for your favourite clothes with impeccable results, or check out these models that we think are absolutely top. And don’t forget, once you’ve decided which washing machine gets your attention, we’ll help you fit it in your home.