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Cooker capacities and sizes explained

Find out everything you need to know about cooker capacities and sizes with this helpful guide.

Cookers give you a variety of ways to prepare your food, and they come in a bunch of different sizes and capacities. Before you start to shop, it’s important to find a cooker with room for all your dishes and trays. We’ll look at how much space you’ll need, the ideal number of cavities and shelves and the perfect hob size.

Cavities and capacities

Finding a cooker that's big enough to fit in all your essential pans and trays at once is essential. Cookers normally have two cavities. The main cavity is the big oven and the second space could be a grill or a secondary oven. The more space you have across both cavities, the more flexibility you have to cook several dishes at once. For larger households and busy kitchens, we'd recommend looking for a main cavity that has at least 65 litres of space. This Zanussi oven boasts a spacious 77 litre main oven and a second 39 litre cavity that doubles up as an oven or a grill - perfect when you've got a full house to feed!

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With all that space, it’s easy to forget something equally as important – the shelves. These Zanussi cookers have flexible shelf positions, giving you more room to cook a variety of dishes at the same time – ideal when you’ve got the Sunday roast on one tray and a dish of vegetables below. Most cookers come with one or two shelves included and you’ll have the option to add a few more if you want to cook on a few levels.

Hob space

We’ve looked at the space in the oven and the grill, now let’s explore your cooking options on top – the hob. More often than not, you’ll have four zones or burners to cook on, so you can simmer, boil and fry in separate pans. A cooker that measures 60cm wide will give you a bit more room to move between each zone. Under the specification on our product pages, you'll be able to find out how many different sizes of burner are on the hob of your chosen cooker, ranging from small, to medium, to large. So you’ll have more options when it comes to cooking on your hob.