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What is an American Fridge Freezer?

Find out everything you need to know about these huge fridge freezers with our helpful guide.

American Fridge Freezers are perfect if you’re after loads of space to really stock up on your favourite food. As well as offering ample storage for frozen and fresh ingredients, American styles often come with handy features such as water dispensers and technology that’ll keep your food tasting fresh.

Bigger is better

If you’re struggling to find space for all your favourite ingredients, an American fridge freezer has all the room you’ll ever need to really stock up. Some models, like this one from Samsung, are double the size of standard fridge freezers, with a whopping capacity of 500 litres – that’s enough for around 30 bags of food! All that extra space means you’ll be nipping to the supermarket less often, with plenty of room to cater for family parties, BBQs or any surprise guests.

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Fresh drinks on tap

One of the coolest features on an American fridge freezer is a built-in water and ice dispenser giving you fresh, filtered water at the touch of a button. And if you want the option of having cubed or crushed ice in your drinks, models like this Samsung American fridge freezer are at your service. It’s perfect for a round of cheeky cocktails!

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Keep it fresh

As well as having more space for your food, American fridge freezers have technology that’ll keep your ingredients fresher for longer too. Special crisper drawers keep your salad nice and crunchy while there are also dedicated areas for storing your meat and fish, ideal when you’ve just done a big shop. Often this technology will maintain the perfect temperature and moisture levels for you, so all that food you’ve just bought won’t go to waste.

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