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My Blu-ray discs won’t play

If your Blu-ray player is sat doing nothing because it won’t play your movies or TV shows, it can get a bit frustrating. There’s no need to worry, though. We’ve got a few easy to follow solutions, so you’ll be chilling out with a film in no time.

Check your cables

The first thing to check is that the cables at the back of the Blu-ray player and the TV are properly connected. Make sure that both devices are turned off and unplugged before you start fiddling around with the wires. The cables should be fully inserted and they shouldn’t feel loose at each end.

Problems with the disc

Try out a few different Blu-ray discs and see if the problem carries on. If only one disc won’t play, then it might be a bit dirty or smudged. Give it a wipe with a soft cloth and try it again. If the Blu-ray player is having issues with multiple discs, then it’ll be the device that’s at fault.

Update the device

Your Blu-ray player runs on software, similar to how a computer works. If this software is out of date it can sometimes cause problems when playing discs. Every Blu-ray player has a different way to update the software, so check your manual for specific instructions. If you need more help, give the manufacturer a call. They’ll be able to guide you through any further steps. Check the link below for a list of manufacturer helpline numbers.